The Most Followed Businesses on Instagram

The Most Followed Businesses on Instagram

Nike, Victoria Secret, and Huda Beauty are some of the most popular businesses on social media. They have a consistent social media presence and all take advantage of branded hashtags and reposting user-generated content. More and more business accounts are now on the rise because more entrepreneurs are beginning to understand how beneficial Instagram is for marketing your business. Many people are also following their favorite businesses on Instagram which gives them close access to these businesses and any new products or promotions on offer. If you are an aspiring business owner, it is important to have a business Instagram account, and more importantly, your account needs to have many followers. This is beneficial because the more followers you have, the more potential customers. If you’re unable to grow your account organically on your own, there are many sites you can check out that will provide reviews on the best places to buy organic Instagram followers, and if you’d like to know the most followed businesses on Instagram, keep reading.


Nike is one of the most followed brands on Instagram. Its account has more than 90 million followers and its content is focused on sports personalities wearing Nike apparel. In the past 5 years, Nike’s Instagram account has seen a staggering 2,858% growth in followers and they gain on average 43 000 followers per day. The reason for this consistent increased growth is the regular campaigns that the account runs, including the #makersofthegame campaign in 2018 which was a tribute to late Athlete Kobe Bryant. In addition to campaigns, Nike also uses their account to promote new product launches which always creates new buzz.

Victoria Secret

Next on the list, we have Victoria Secret which takes the number 2 spot with 68 million followers on IG. The underwear brand uses this account to showcase their models wearing VS apparel which is a hit amongst followers. Over the past 5 years, Victoria Secret has seen a steady growth of 32 000 followers per day. The brand regularly posts behind-the-scenes images from fashion shows as well as product promotions and product launches which always boost engagement.

Huda beauty

Huda Beauty is a makeup brand with 38 million followers on IG. The page was launched in 2017 and has seen a growth of 21 000 followers per day, with a total of 24 million followers gained since 2016. Their content centers around educational videos that provide make-up tips and tutorials which are different and more engaging compared to just posting images of products. The account is constantly posting on their feed and stories which have helped them build a strong community of supportive followers.


Chanel is a luxury fashion house with 36 million followers on IG. The content on their page captures the luxury and they have enjoyed an average of 19500 followers per day over the past 4 years. They post images and videos related to products, behind-the-scenes fashion shows as well as celebrity endorsements.


Staples deals with office supplies and even though this isn’t the most interesting of products, the brand has found a way to make its products and posts intriguing to its 21 800 IG followers by encouraging interaction. They do this by using a lot of calls to action in their descriptions and captions, and their content is very light-hearted and fun while always remaining consistent.

Gym Shark

GymShark has close to 9 million IG followers and their business accounts are split across 3 accounts including @gymsharkwomen and @gymsharktrain. When it comes to fitness brands, GymShark is one of the most visual which can be linked to their understanding of social media and their use of fitness influencers for influencer marketing. Their content is down-to-earth, approachable, and does not contain too much editing and professional photoshoots.

Coca Cola 

 Finally, we have Coca Cola which has 2.5 million IG followers. This is easily the most recognizable brand in the world and they manage to keep themselves visible by partnering with influencers for influencer marketing the brand is also a fan of branded hashtags such as #shareacoke where people were urged to share pictures of coke bottles with their names printed on them.

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