The Most Impactful Graphic Design Trends as We Enter 2020

The Most Impactful Graphic Design Trends as We Enter 2020

It often feels like, with graphic design, various companies are trying too hard. That’s certainly been the case in the last few years, when the likes of vivid colours and quirky designs have soared in popularity. What a relief that designers have now started retreating from this overbearing approach.

As 2020 unfolds, we can expect the theme of “less is more” to run right through graphic design efforts – perhaps including yours. Consider taking your cue from these emerging trends…

Muted Colour

Forget the overly bright and punchy hues of years past; we’ll be toning those colours down in 2020. Yes, the same colours. Muted colours are so-called as they basically add black, white or a complementary hue to the original colour to diffuse its energy – or “mute” it, you could say.

A colour chart on the StartupNation site shows how this works with, for example, red, yellow, green, blue and purple. With all of these examples, “light muted” and “dark muted” variations are possible.

Minimalist Landing Pages

How often have you recently noticed, upon landing on a webpage from Google’s search results, that the page looks somewhat… sparse? PR Daily reveals that more brands have been purposefully stripping out elements from web interfaces to speed up loading times.

That would be no small benefit when many web users are pressed for time. Such stripped-down designs also simplify the matter of making the interfaces easy to use across various devices.

A More “Organic” Look

When is a design not a design? When the different parts of it are assembled so naturally that it looks like anyone could have thrown it together. However, this “organic” look is deceptively simple, as it can be fiendishly tricky for a designer to get just right.

The organic approach can resonate especially well with audiences when you make it a key part of your firm’s philosophy rather than just its designs. Perhaps you could stick to sustainable packaging and materials and invest in a printing machine from Duplo International truly built to last.

Heavy Typography

Marty McFly might have time-travelled only as far into the future as 2015 in the second Back to the Future film, but he probably should’ve fast-forwarded another five years. That way, he could have uttered his “This is heavy!” catchphrase about the typography expected to take flight in 2020.

This typography is characterised by big, bold and thick strokes. As the heavy typefaces’ legibility could be at risk, Design Shack suggests that you augment them with easy-to-read supporting text.

Authentic Imagery

Certain stock images just look overly staged; think those of employees jumping together or high-fiving each other. That’s not to say you can’t still use stock imagery to achieve an authentic-looking effect. You might just have to be more selective with those pictures.

Look for stock images that don’t try to capture a specific mood – think, for example, neutral-looking landscapes. You could also contact a photographer to impart your requirements and assess this creative professional’s ability to strike just the right balance.

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