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The new changes to academic departments and schools at Cabrini

Changes are being made throughout several Cabrini University departments this semester. These changes include department name changes along with the addition of new majors and minors. The business department, the newly named health and exercise sciences department and the communications department have added new majors and minors offered to students.

Effective this school year, the information science technology changed its title to the computer and information sciences.

“Last year when our new dean came in, Dr. Thompson, he sort of approached me with the idea,” Dr. Tom Albrecht, chair of the CIS department, said.

The department wanted to have a more appropriate name including computer sciences to give more background to the major.

The CIS department was not the only one with the new department name. The exercise science and health promotion department recently changed their department name to health and exercise sciences and added three new majors, public health, nutrition and health science.

“I think it is a great step enhancing the department and will attract more students to the department because of the new and upcoming majors they added,” Taylor Dimmerling, sophomore exercise science and health promotion major, said. “If the three new majors were available when I was a freshman, I would have enrolled in health science.”

The exercise science and health promotion has been around for 21 years at Cabrini. The health science major use to be a track in the biology major. The department created the new majors first and when thinking of the new department name, incorperating words from both majors to rename the new health and exercise sciences department.

“Right now people can do exercise and health promotion and then go to school to become an athletic trai

The form to declare a major and or minor. The form can be found in Cavs Express. Photo by Melissa Casey.

ner,” Dr. Maria Elena Hallion, Chair of the health and exercise sciences department, said.

The department wants to get the word out about going for a master’s in athletic training.

The business analytics minor was officially introduced as a minor at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. The minor analyzes data, company data and connecting the data. It asks the why question, for example, why did you do this and why does it connect.

“Right now, we analyze the Cabrini bus fleet, basically we want to know how much they run, who they serve and how they can improve,” Dr. Mark Roesch, finance and business management professor, said.

Recently, the communications department added an event management minor. Event management is the application of project management to large scale events such as festivals, weddings, conferences, concerts and conventions.

The new additions and name changes to the three departments can benefit them when having future and current students enroll in them. It gives more options to the programs and more in-depth information about the departments for current and incoming students.


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