The One Reason Samsung’s Best QLED TVs Will Fail with Many Consumers – The National Interest Online

One of the happiest tech days of my life was when I purchased my 2018 Q7F Samsung QLED TV.

I had been saving for quite some time, and scooped up the TV for $1399 at my local Best Buy in Rockville, MD, right outside of Washington, D.C. As I was becoming more and more anti-OLED by the day, I was confident I made the right choice reading countless reviews, blog posts and expert analysis.

Then, I unboxed the TV and was shocked to learn the TV has what I would consider a fatal flaw: OneConect.

You see, the one thing many of the reviews I read fail to mention how Samsung QLED TVs separate the TV and the connectors for power, sound and audio into a special connector box. This is meant to make connections easier, more streamlined and easier to hide wires when mounting.

But that all creates a very basic question: what the heck do you do with the OneConnect box? And let me tell you, the OneConnect box that came with my TV is massive. Like a big brick sort of massive.

You could, I suppose, hide it in the wall, but that might not be easy for the average do-it-yourself tech geek. You could put it on a shelf, but if you are mounting the TV that sort of defeats the purpose.

The good news is not all Samsung TVs have this. For example, I have a Samsung QLED 43 inch TV from 2019 that does not have this, it has all of the connectors built into the TV. Thank God.

I guess in some respects I should not be shocked, as I have a 2018 Samsung 8 series 65 inch 4K TV that has a small OneConnect box. However, Samsung needs to do a better job of making sure consumers are aware of this, as I can see many tech fans getting turned off by this concept. I know I am.

Harry J. Kazianis is a Senior Director at the Center for the National Interest. His work has appeared in Fox News, USA Today, The Week, the American Conservative and many other outlets across the political spectrum. The National Interest, nor Harry, received any compensation or commissions related to the authoring of this piece.


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