The quiet after Diwali

The silence that follows the loudness of Diwali brings its own, unique, under-appreciated pleasure. This is a serene reprieve from the cacophony of fireworks and festive fervour. The ‘day after’ should have tranquil stillness settling in, offering a stark contrast to the earlier howitzers of lights and sounds.

This post-Diwali quietude provides a much-needed respite. The air, once thick with the acrid scent of smoke, now becomes breathable – and if you’re lucky, crisp and pure. The sky, which moments ago was a riot of light and colours, transforms into a canvas of deep, velvety darkness.

In this hush, one can find solace and reflection. The frenetic energy of the festivities gives way to a sense of inner calm, allowing people to contemplate what such a celebration really is.

The quiet after Diwali becomes a time for bonding. Families and friends gather less boisterously, this time, perhaps, over a warm cup of tea. So, the pleasures of the silence after Diwali lie not just in the absence of noise but also in relative tranquillity attained after the happy mayhem.


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