The Race for Sanitation: How to Get Your Office Ready for Employee Return

The Race For Sanitation: How to Get Your Office Ready for Employee Return

Remote work has been a revelation. It is for this reason that many employers are now offering either the option to continue to work from home or alternatively enforcing a hybrid model that only requires employees to come in a few days out of the week. Whichever route you take with your own employees, however, it is important that you improve the sanitation, safety, and comfort of your office before they return.

This will help reduce the risk of any illnesses being spread and is also a good way to show your employees that you care for their health and wellbeing. Even if you have to take on one upgrade at a time, it’s key that you make these upgrades starting today:

Set Up a Sanitation Schedule

To keep your office sanitary. All surfaces and equipment should be properly wiped down and sanitized at the end of every day. Depending on your work environment, this could be done by professional cleaners you hire to come in after hours, or it could be done by your team itself. It depends on how often different people interact with the areas in question. If multiple people use one tool or piece of equipment, having a cloth and sanitization spray nearby so that your employees can wipe it down before the next person uses it may be necessary.

Set Up Clear Sanitation Stations

To make it easy and natural for your employees to sanitize their workstations regularly, you will want to set up multiple sanitation stations as well. Putting hand sanitizer between desks and also tissues to catch sneezes can be a great help and does not have to be intrusive.  

Invest in Your Bathrooms

Sanitation has always been important in bathrooms. If you still use hand pumps, manual taps, and either paper or an inefficient hand dryer, then it is time to upgrade everything. Start with the taps and soap dispense. Both of these should be automatic and not require any physical contact to use. Hand washing is one of the best habits to get into to keep viruses from spreading.

Hand dryers should also be upgraded. If you have an older model, then upgrade for the energy reduction and the new, hygienic designs of the top models. Today you can get a quieter, more efficient hand dryer that also includes a HEPA filter that is designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

Together these all work to make your bathroom a cleaner, more sanitized place that works to keep your entire team safer and more comfortable.

Look to the Air

Air filtration is critical in any office. It was important beforehand and is even more important now. Start first by cleaning out the filter and vents in preparation for your employees’ return. Air circulation is one of the most important aspects to ensuring a good air quality in your office. It reduces particulates, including any potential viruses, and can help make your office a better environment overall.

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