The Rise of AI – Businesses that Use this Technology

The Rise of AI – Businesses that Use This Technology

Artificial intelligence is set to be the future of humanity. It is believed that robots are the next step in our evolution as they will better our lives and help us reach heights like never before. For example, companies and governments have invested billions of dollars into exploring space and checking all the potential planets that we can inhabit. Experts believe that with the proper use of this technology, AI will be able to help us become multi-planetary species. 

What many people don’t know, is that AI is already being used in some form. Although it is not as advanced as some may expect, it is here. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss. We are going to name some companies/businesses that use AI today. Let’s check them out.

Online Casinos 

Online casinos are a new trend in the gambling industry. These sites have tons of advantages over land-based casinos, which is why people are much fonder of accessing their favourite gambling games online, rather than walking to a physical facility. 

These sites use two types of artificial intelligence and they are in charge of security and fair-play. Let’s take the slot games at Novibet Casino as an example. The AI that this online casino uses to ensure fair-play is called RNGs, or Random Number Generators. This AI system creates random outcomes of the games and gives equal chances of winning. So, when you access the online slots, your chances of winning a prize are the same as every other player that browses that category. 

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The second type of AI is in charge of security and is known as SSL-encryption software. This software uses codes as a means of communication and masks the information that is transferred between players and the online casino. In doing so, it cuts all chances of scammers or hackers gaining access to this type of information. 

Tesla Motors 

Tesla is considered to be the future of the automotive industry. This company manufactures some of the most advanced vehicles on the market today. Not only that, but they are powered by batteries and are considered eco-friendly. An interesting fact about Tesla is that the company recently invested in Bitcoin and stated that they will integrate the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

The AI that they used is known as self-drive mode or autopilot. This AI is featured in the cars and it scans the surroundings such as traffic lanes and nearby obstacles and drives itself, allowing the driver to do other stuff instead of keeping his hands on the wheels. Although this concept is still in its early stages, it has proven to be quite successful and the future is looking bright for this type of driving. 

The British National Health Service

Our last entry is in the medical sector – the British National Health Service. The UK healthcare uses basic forms of AI which helps with patient monitoring, patient care, development of various types of medicine, diagnosis, and overall patient satisfaction. It is said that AI in healthcare will better the service in the future and help save many lives.

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