The Rise of Live Casino in 2021

The Rise of Live Casino in 2021

The global pandemic has brought about significant changes to the gambling world as we knew it. Due to the restrictions brought about by the covid 19, the business has shifted from land-based casinos and has leaned more towards online-based casinos, and one of the major niches that have gained major attention is the live casinos.

What is Live Casino Gaming?

Live casinos gaming is based on the real-time activity of dealers at a certain location and is streamed directly to the gamblers. 

Communication between the players and the dealer is only possible using the chat function. This allows users to experience live actions that would only be experienced when they visit the casino.

The basic setup involves a live dealer whose action is beamed by a camera and gameplay software that offers an interface for placing bets and displaying results and winnings.

Best live casinos are available on several popular games such as Monopoly, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker.

The Rise of Live Casino in 2021

Live casinos are known to provide the most authentic online gambling experience, capturing the interaction and atmosphere of a casino and combining it with the convenience of playing from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere and at any time.

Live casinos are forecasted to be 50% of gambling by the end of 2021, that is; it will likely be the only type of online gambling that users deal for.

Other statistics forecast that live casinos will generate half of all global online gambling sales by 2023, tallying upwards of US$47.5bn in revenue every year. 

These forecasts were made before the Covid-19 pandemic which has further accelerated growth due to the closure of land-based gambling venues.

Developers are constantly pushing the boundaries; some stream from real gaming tables located on the floors of real casinos around the world while others have developed technologies that allow players to spin the reels at physical slot machines; either way, live casino gaming is sure to undergo numerous innovative transformations as the years go by.

As mentioned earlier, live casino gaming has been on the rise, here are the trends that have aided in that development, one way or the other.

Increase in Live Online Dealer Gambling

As the effects of the pandemic continue to be in force, we see the increase in mobile gambling and live online dealer usage as users continue to gravitate towards the latter considering its advantages and ease of use.

Virtual Reality (V.R)/Augmented Reality (A.R)

It is increasingly becoming possible to recreate and experience land-based scenarios in online gambling by using VR and AR technology. More of this technology continues to be used in many live dealer games to enhance the whole experience and feel of live dealer games.

Faster Access to Casino Games due to 5G Technology

The recent release of the 5G technology has issued incredibly faster internet speeds to the market; and has allowed users to access their desired games in no space of time.

The 5G technology has not been fully embraced by the public due to certain misconceptions and the fact that it is only available on high-priced devices. 

We hope it saturates the market soon, and once it is fully embraced, it provides an even better experience to users.

Cryptocurrency Live Dealing Casino Games

There have been growth and adaption of cryptocurrency in live games, again, this is largely due to the covid 19 pandemic which inspired most online casinos to start accepting cryptocurrency as deposits and bets.

To be honest, most people enjoy and prefer their transactions to be in Bitcoin and other digital currencies because of security and anonymity. Traditional payments remain an option for gambling sites, but cryptocurrencies are slowly replacing old methods because many just prefer being anonymous and untraceable, especially with something as sensitive as gambling. 

Many regard cryptocurrency as the future, hence, with the increase in the use and popularity of cryptocurrency, we will no doubt see an evolution of live casinos.

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