The Rise of Online Casinos – Innovations That Revolutionised the Industry

The Rise of Online Casinos – Innovations That Revolutionised the Industry

We were introduced to online casinos back in the mid-90s, but the industry’s boom happened in the last 10 years or so. Online gambling is in its best shape in history, and the secret for its success lies in numerous technological innovations that made online casinos irresistible to gamblers worldwide.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the most important online casino innovations that propelled the industry to where it is today. Read on!

Instant Play

The biggest issue with online casinos of the past was that they were not practical enough. You normally had to download some sort of special software to play, and the games were simply inaccessible to people who had a slower internet connection. It was too much of a hassle, so many gamblers still preferred going to brick-and-mortar casinos.

However, Instant play features completely turned things around and allowed players to power up their favourite games directly from their browsers.

Bonuses and Promotions

Casino bonuses and promotions represent the most effective tactics for attracting new players. Over the years, operators started to come up with all sorts of different bonuses for their customers, giving them some sort of monetary advantage if they register on their website.

Today, almost every online casino has a welcome bonus or a similar form of promotion, such as the Sky Casino bonus withdraw.

Payment Methods

In the beginning, online casino transactions relied mostly on credit cards and bank transfers, both of which were somewhat impractical and time-consuming.

The appearance of e-wallets and other payment methods such as cryptocurrencies helped the online casino industry grow. Modern operators offer a wide range of payment methods so players can pick the most convenient option for them and start playing in no time.

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Mobile Casinos

The smartphone craze was happening at the same time the online casino industry rapidly started to grow, and that’s no coincidence. Players always try to find the most convenient way to gamble online, and mobile devices represent a perfect solution.

Gambling on the go was unimaginable when online casinos first appeared, but now it’s a reality. In fact, the majority of gamblers use mobile devices to visit online casinos, more than laptops and tablets.

Almost every renowned gambling website today has an app that’s compatible with all popular devices, or they at least have a well-optimised mobile website.

Live Casinos

Although online casinos are great in many ways, they still can’t match the feeling of being in a land-based room where all the action is taking place.

While operators couldn’t replicate that notion, they still tried their best to give their players a piece of that live-action. That’s why they invented live casinos that can be played via streams. Players can now interact with all sorts of games while watching a real-life dealer sitting in a casino-like environment.


Gambling games were always about gameplay and features, but players want to see nice visuals too. While graphics might not seem that important at first, they are sometimes the prime reason why a player chooses a particular game.

Video slots are the best examples of this. Although one game might be more rewarding than the other, the game with the best theme and most advanced graphics is almost always going to be chosen over others.

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