The Rise of the Online Gambling Industry in the UK

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Concerning European gambling markets, the UK undoubtedly reigns supreme. Pre-pandemic, the Old Continent’s largest island country produced an annual gross gambling yield of over £14 billion for several years.

Given that many regions in Europe have muddy betting/gaming laws, some readers may wonder – is gambling regulated in the UK in detail? Of course, yes. It would not be as massive of an industry if that were not the case.

This sphere in Britain gets controlled by the Gambling Act of 2005, passed by Tony Blair’s government, which established the UKGC as the sole gaming licensing/overseeing body in the United Kingdom and set the rules that bind all UK land-based and online operators.

Below, we get into explaining how the UK online betting sector got so big while also elaborating on multiple specifics regarding this highly developed gambling market, like:

  • Is online gambling legal in the UK?
  • Do you need a license to use online gambling websites in the UK?
  • Who regulates online gambling in the UK?
  • What percentage of gambling is done online?
  • What percentage of people gamble in the UK?
  • What is the best online gambling site in the UK?
  • What is the best online gambling form?
  • What is the most trusted online casino UK?

UK Online Gambling Basics

According to the latest studies, today, around 47% of Brits gamble at least once a month, with the National Lottery as the most favored choice for betting fun. However, online casino gambling is also gaining steam.

Casino-wise, how big is the UK online gambling market, precisely? Well, it contributes over £3 billion to the country’s gross gambling yield, with smartphone wagering dominating almost every demographic imaginable.

As mentioned, the 2005 Gambling Act made online wagering in Brittan legal, and it birthed the UKGC (in 2007), giving it the power to enforce measures that protect UK gamblers’ interests. The organization has done so in recent years by implanting the universal self-exclusion scheme GamStop and incorporating various anti-addiction measures.

Operators need UKGC approval to offer betting/gaming services to Brits, who do not require anyone’s permission to use them.

Smartphones Fuel Interactive Gaming

In May 2022, 58% of all internet traffic got produced by mobile phone access. Five years prior, this percentage hovered around the 50%-mark, and it was not until 2020 that it surpassed desktop-generated traffic.

Like with most things, the use of smartphones has boosted the popularity of some of the best online gambling sites. That has chiefly happened because of increased mobile phone adoption and technology reaching a point where remote devices now have the hardware necessary to play any gambling product on the market.

For years, live dealer options and complex 3D slots were unavailable for mobile play, yet, that is no longer the current state of affairs.

Blockchain-Powered Platforms

While most of the world is debating the worth and legality of cryptocurrencies, the UKGC decided to recognize Bitcoin as a fiat money equivalent in 2016, allowing its use at its licensed platform. So, is online gambling regulated with cryptos in Britain? Yes.

Not only that, but many Brits living on UK soil choose to play at crypto casinos based in foreign countries such as Curacao and Panama because they offer better bonuses and fewer player restrictions than UKGC-licensed sites.

That may invoke readers’ interest regarding what is the most trusted online casino UK platform, offshore, that accepts Brits and allows them to make crypto wagers? Going by internet player reviews, that would be Wild Casino, BetOnline’s sister hub founded in 2017, licensed by Panama’s Gaming Control Board.

Novel Marketing Strategies

Over the years, the online gambling sector has learned how to navigate the multiple advertising restrictions it faces in most territories. It does this by focusing its efforts on promotion referral marketing practices with generous commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a booming field that is particularly profitable for those who can get others to sign-up at online casinos, as it ties them for life with their referrals.

Bonuses are Online Casinos’ Prime Bait

The top reason gamblers choose to enjoy games of chance on the World Wide Web instead of entering through the doors of a physical locale is the promotions gambling sites offer.

Few can resist enticing deposit matches, cashback deals, and the loyalty perks that premium interactive gaming hubs deliver. Understandably, these do not come stipulation-free. Nevertheless, fulfilling their listed terms is a small price for the sums of bonus cash these promos supply. Still, it is wise to carefully read their terms before jumping and claiming any casino promotion.

To Sum Up

How many people use online gambling in the UK? Over two dozen million, and if we are to trust statistics, the number of British online gamblers will only grow in the coming years.

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