The Shift to Working from Home in the UK

The Shift to Working from Home in the UK

With many people across the UK and indeed the world, setting up home offices anywhere and everywhere, the need for DIY, home repairs and creating a home office set-up has increased exponentially. While some may enjoy the shift to a week without commutes and the comfort of working from a home set up, be it a dedicated room, desk or the kitchen table, many of us have to make changes and adjustments around the house to accommodate this new working environment. There are lots of ways to ensure your home office is comfortable and conducive to productivity but it does require some planning and organisation of space.

Home Office Set-up

Repeated lockdowns have also given many people time to work on their interiors and decorate their homes. Likewise, many people have had extra time on their hands and finally had the chance to get around to lots of odd jobs and repairs around the house. Whether you are building a desk for your home office or fixing that wonky chair, one of the handiest things you can have to hand in your tool kit is a suitable glue, such as a metal glue for furniture such as legs of tables and chairs. There are epoxy adhesives and polyutheranes available for various tasks around the house, like fixing everyday objects or larger items such as furniture and bikes. Strong glues make these tricky tasks infinitely easier and faster. Some top tips for repairing items around the home and for setting up a home office:

  • Rather than investing in new furniture for a home office, repairing furniture such as an old desk or chair can save quite a few pennies in putting together a home office
  • Epoxy glues are best for fixing metal on metal, for example, for repairing pots and pans, bike parts or metal legs on desks and coffee tables
  • Choose a quick drying, 60-second super glue for larger items like metal railings or lawnmowers
  • Glues with a non-drip formula are easy and tidy to work with

What’s in Store for the UK’s Housing Market?

It’s uncertain what lies in store for the housing market in the UK. New homes saw a 3.5% decrease in price in September, while country homes have hit a 4 year high overall as people make a break for the peace and quiet of places outside of cities. Some predict that house prices are going to collapse as the rate of unemployment rises. That said, it virtually impossible to truly predict which way the markets will go, given the unprecedented nature of 2020. One of the major benefits in the shift to home working is that many workers now have the possibility to choose where they work from and are no longer tied to living in a specific location. This alone is bound to shake up the housing market and perhaps balance house prices more evenly across the country, a trend that moves away from the city-centric pattern we have seen up to now.

It is virtually impossible to truly predict which way the markets will go, given the unprecedented nature of 2020. In any case, working from home looks set to be a long-term fixture in day-to-day life and it’s worth investing in your work space, be it from the kitchen table in the British countryside or a beachside apartment in the Costa del Sol.

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