The Top Factors You Should Think Carefully about when Installing Commercial Air Conditioning

The Top Factors You Should Think Carefully about when Installing Commercial Air Conditioning

If you are operating a business and have decided to invest in an air conditioning system, you’re not alone. Numerous other businesses have already invested in AC systems for their premises, and it has paid off in comfort, employee productivity, and even the health and safety of everyone within the property. But once you have decided to invest comes the more difficult part: choosing the right AC system for your needs. It can be a difficult matter as there are now more manufacturers offering AC models and systems left and right! And if you are not sure of what you should be looking for, it could be easy to become overwhelmed and end up making an unsuitable choice. So, what should you assess when installing commercial air conditioning? Here are the top factors you should carefully consider. 

  • The Size of Your Property or Premises

Your first consideration would be the size of your property or premises, and it’s the most important aspect you need to determine because it will dictate the size and kind of air conditioning system that will work best for your requirements. Air conditioning systems come in many forms, and some simpler units and models and systems are much more advanced.

If you have a smaller office or commercial premises such as a retail store, a small café or pub, a bookshop, and so on, you can probably do well with a single AC unit, which is cost-effective, too. A single unit such as a single split-type AC works pretty well with smaller indoor environments, and they have an indoor unit plus one outdoor component.

If your business premises are medium-sized, such as a larger office or shop, you may not go wrong with a split-type system or a multiple-split system. With a multiple-split AC system, you have several indoor units all connected to a single outdoor component.

  • Noise

Some offices and other business properties may benefit from reduced noise. If you need a quieter AC system so it doesn’t disrupt your operations, you can ask for recommendations from your chosen installer and supplier who is an expert in commercial air conditioning, such as air conditioning Brighton companies like Sub Cool FM. Several systems have reduced noise that may be perfect for your premises, but your installer and supplier can point you in the right direction.

  • Efficiency

Nowadays, a lot of systems are much more energy-efficient and run on inverter technology as well as other technologies. There are even systems that can recover heat and redistribute it indoors. Although an energy-efficient system may require a higher initial outlay compared to a system that is not as efficient, think about your savings in the long term. It’s all too true that energy-efficient systems will be less costly to run, thereby decreasing your electric bills.

You may also want to consider something that works with smart technology.  These systems are quite remarkable in that you can control virtually every aspect of your premises – from the security and lighting to the temperature. You can have these systems link up, and you can even control it remotely, which means you can already have a comfortable temperature indoors as soon as you reach your business space.

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