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While it’s good to see the England team wearing anti-discrimination T-shirts (Ollie Robinson Twitter racism storm obscures ECB’s decades of inaction, 9 June), perhaps the England and Wales Cricket Board should be wondering why the whole team is made up of white players. There are thousands of black and Asian cricketers in the UK; what stops them making it into the national team? Perhaps not enough of them attend the private schools where many of the players of the last few years have been educated. Privilege wins out again.
Andrew Walker

I am disappointed that Oxford students wanted to remove the Queen’s portrait (Report, 9 June) because it represents colonial history, rather than because it represents inherited privilege. Too close to home for some students?
Bob Browning

First it was union jacks. Soon it will be de rigueur to have a photo of the Queen in your home, even those with gold wallpaper.
Maurizio Moore
Chelmsford, Essex

Years ago in southern France, we were delighted to hear nightingales singing – on the first night (Letters, 8 June). The second night was less lovely, the third a torment. Then dinner on the fourth evening was roasted small birds – quail, allegedly – and the problem ceased.
Anne Bryson
West Kirby, Merseyside

After years of IT experts telling us that we “can’t break the internet” by pressing the wrong button, it turns out we can do it by updating our settings (Report, 9 June).
Phil Coughlin
Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear

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