Themed Party Nights for Adults

Themed Party Nights for Adults

There’s no party quite like a themed party. Even the most casual of gatherings can be made far more memorable with a theme, which can inform everything from decorations and entertainment to the way that you all dress. Get it right, and it’ll be talked about for years to come!

Casino Nights

Inviting everyone around to gamble away a fixed amount of money can be tremendously exciting. The game that’s most suited to a kitchen table is probably Poker – it’s simple enough for people to pick up within a few rounds and yet complex enough to allow for some sophisticated bluffing. If you’ve got guests who don’t fancy the game itself, they might want to try out some virtual casino games while the main game is ongoing. Needless to say, everyone will need to dress to impress, as though they’re in a Monte Carlo casino in the middle of a James Bond film.


Here we’re talking about the science fiction genre, not just the video game of the same name. That way, you’ll be able to include everyone who’s seen Robocop, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. Pick out an appropriately futuristic playlist and some garish pink strip-lights to get the decor just right. Flood the kitchen with dry ice and encourage everyone to dress like they’re on a catwalk in a 2070s fashion parade. It’s the party theme that everyone wants to attend – so make it happen!

Murder Mystery

There’s nothing quite like a grisly murder to liven up an evening. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, then this is certainly the theme to get your creative juices flowing. It’ll require a little bit of planning and preparation, and it’s not suitable for every guestlist, but it’s something that you’ll have an enormous amount of fun with. Just be sure that everyone knows that there’s murder afoot, otherwise you might be faced with an awkward explanation.


The great thing about a snowbound theme is that you’ll be able to head out onto the patio even during the dead of winter. Pick out some appropriately chilly cocktails and start a miniature fire. If it isn’t snowing, then you can always bring in some of the artificial stuff. Try to make the lighting as cool as possible, too – blues and greens beat warm reds and yellow tones, here. Your playlist might include Cold as Ice, Ice Ice Baby, or, if you’re a metalhead, At the Heart of Winter.

Day of the Dead

Roughly coinciding with Halloween every year is the Mexican Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). It’s the perfect excuse to invite a few friends round to celebrate this pillar of Mexican culture – and to enjoy some traditional Mexican food like Huaraches food in the process. The food that’s most often associated with the festival is actually one that isn’t often enjoyed in the UK: the tamale. These little snacks are made from masa (that’s a dough) and corn husks. A little preparation might be necessary to make them work – but your guests are sure to appreciate the delicious Mexican flavours.

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