There’s a WhatsApp ‘bug’ which is letting some people access the much-anticipated dark mode

Let some darkness into your life… (Image: Getty)

WhatsApp users have been eagerly awaiting ‘dark mode’ for months or even years.

But some of them have found a sneaky way of accessing the feature right now rather than waiting for its official release.

Dark mode turns the background colour of apps from white to black and is believed to cut down on battery usage.

WhatsApp is believed to be carrying out final testing of the feature, which will be rolled out to iOS and Android users at some point soon.

It might sound like a tiny change, but dark mode is actually highly anticipated and people are frustrated that it hasn’t arrived yet.

On Twitter, a few Android users are claiming there’s a way of accessing the mode immediately.

They said that all you need to do is open WhatsApp, copy a link to a YouTube into a chat and then open it so it displays ‘picture in picture’ inside the conversation.

The trick is working for some people, but not for others.

WhatsApp has included a new ‘dark wallpaper’ in a beta version of its software, the code detectives at WABetaInfo have discovered. 

This was hailed as evidence that a full dark mode is finally on the way.

‘In the 2.19.327 beta update, the Dark Theme is not available yet, but we found some hidden tracks about its improvements,’ WABetaInfo wrote.

‘In particular, in this beta version, we found that WhatsApp is working on a Dark Default Wallpaper, based on the same night blue colors of the Dark Theme!

‘Implementing the Dark Wallpaper might be one of the last things that WhatsApp had to implement. We are finally getting closer and this Dark Theme seems amazing!

‘We don’t know when the Dark Theme will be released, but we will certainly publish an article about any other change and an announcement when WhatsApp is rolling out the feature for everyone!’

The road to darkness has been long, torturous and emotional.

Earlier this year, some WhatsApp users were hit hard by a rumour suggesting the dimmer mode would never be released to the public.

‘I know that it might be very ironic, but WhatsApp has completely removed the dark mode (that was under development) in the Android app,’ WEBetaInfo tweeted.

The news prompted a minor outpouring of rage.

‘WhatsApp is going to be dead,’ one fan tweeted.

‘There are no interesting features anymore.

‘Honestly, I won’t update WhatsApp anymore until i know that there is a new interesting feature.’


Apple has already embraced dark mode which is built into iOS 12 and it became available on its computers with the release of MacOS Mojave.


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