space rocket launch
These 10 startups are preparing to blast off — in one case, literally.
NASA/ Joel Kowsky via Getty Images

Next-generation environmental monitoring. Neural interface technology. Space catapults.

These are some of the far-out visions being pursued by a promising bunch of startups that might just be the business titans of tomorrow.

In a recent research note circulated to clients, Goldman Sachs highlighted the ten “software and internet” startups that had raised the most Series A investment in the second quarter of 2018, based on data collected by venture capital monitoring firm CB Insights.

Series A funding is some of the very first investment companies will receive in their life-cycle — right after seed or angel funding — indicating that it’s still early days for these firms. But these young firms still collectively raised more than $400 million in the last three months, in industries ranging from healthcare to real estate to aeronautics.

There’s no telling yet whether they will all be able to achieve their heady dreams — but together they offer a glimpse at what the world’s top investors are betting will be the technologies and products that will transform our world in the years to come.

Here they all are…


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