These are the Tools that you need to Keep in your Car in Case of Emergency

Emergency situations are unpredictable. You never know when you might need something, or when an emergency is going to happen. Whether it is your car breaking down, or a natural disaster such as typhoon, earthquake and etc., you need to be prepared.

For those of us who are already well-prepared for an emergency situation, their car is already filled with ready to eat meals, drinks, battery packs, clothes, SOS Kits, navigation tools and more. Aside from the items above, you need to equip your car with other tools. We highly recommend getting a handy toolbox and filling them with the stuff listed below:

Pliers – pliers are very versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways. In case your car breaks down, it is always handy to have a plier in your toolbox. Facom offers a set of 4 pliers with different uses so you can be prepared no matter what the emergency is. This set includes a 181A.25CPE multi-socket with a locking system 250 mm, 192A. 16CPE diagonal cutters 160 mm, 185A.20CPE round-headed nose pliers 200 mm and a 187A.18CPE universal clamp 180 mm.

Flat-blade screwdrivers – you will need two different sizes. Better yet, get a set of screwdrivers with different ends to be sure you have one for any situation. This screwdriver set is not only affordable, but it also comes in different sizes and features a handy grip to make any job easier. It also comes in a box to keep your stuff organized.

Good quality adjustable wrench – a wrench is something that needs to be in your emergency kit all the time. It is perfect for so many applications. This short adjustable wrench should do the trick. It is short so it doesn’t take too much space, lightweight and easy to carry around, plus it is made with the best quality materials to ensure it will last a lifetime. It also features a big opening for maximum versatility up to 41mm, an easy setting, and a non-protruding moving jaw at maximum capacity.

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Wire cutter and strippers – you never know when you need to cut some wires. Wire cutters and strippers are handy for various situations. This wire cutter and stripper is perfect for multistrand cutting and stripping. It features a return and lock spring, an end nipper. It is also lightweight and portable.

A ball head hammer- we all know just how handy having a hammer in our toolbox is. For emergency situations, a small ball head hammer should be enough. This hammer features a “high safety” hickory handle and a steel wedge.

Mechanics wire – just like you need wire cutters, you also need a set of spare wires that you can use. Be sure to purchase mechanics wire for your emergency tool kit as well. Add some electrical wire while you’re at it. Remember, better to be prepared than sorry.

Battery chargers – we don’t even need to stress out why you need a car battery charger in your emergency kit. This battery charger is automatic, compatible with all “lead acid” batteries: VLRA, GEL, AGM, CALCIUM, liquid. It can also be used for charging motorbike and small batteries, it comes with alligator clips, a cigar lighter connector, and a terminal connection kit. It can be used for batteries 12 V, 3 Ah to 80 Ah. Power supply: 220 V, 50 – 60 Hz. Get it now and you won’t have regrets later. For 24 V batteries, check this charger out.

Stash these emergency tools in your vehicle at all times. You can put it in the trunk, or underneath the passenger car seat for easy access.

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