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Sports car mods can make your car look cool and improve performance, or they can turn your super expensive purchase into a pile of hideous trash. Sports cars and sports stars go hand in hand, as countless successful athletes who have splurged their wealth on cool rides have proven over the years.

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And others mod their car out of pure self-indulgence to the point they ruin their car. Celebrity athletes like boxer Jake Paul, NBA star Dennis Rodman, and NFL’s Josh Gordon have all taken perfectly good sports cars and destroyed them with hideous, impractical mods.

8 Jake Paul’s Ford Focus

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Ok, calling Jake Paul an athlete might be a bit of a stretch, but the guy has been working hard at making a name for himself as a boxer. The controversial YouTube star shocked the world when he revealed what he had done to his Ford Focus. While it is one thing to mod a Focus to make them more exciting than their base models usually are, painting one with a “Dazzle camo” effect.

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The car also features alloy wheels, painted black, and a spoiler attachment. The mods were done by West Coast Customs.

7 Dennis Rodman’s 1996 Hummer H1

Dennis Rodman - H1 Hummer (1)
Via Road & Track

A gas guzzler and already an impractical choice, the retired NBA star and friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un decided to redesign his H1 with a poorly painted series of nude women on his exterior.

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In addition to this horrific, and some might argue sexist, paint job Rodman added a cowcatcher grill and a few extra lights.Related: 10 Former Celebrity Athletes Who Can No Longer Afford Their Expensive Cars

6 Juan Uribe’s Porsche Cayenne

Via: Motor Junkie

The MLB star messed up his perfectly good Cayenne with all sorts of mods, most notably an unnecessarily large additional front bumper.


The car allegedly has endured a series of other bad modifications, however, unlike others on this list Uribe did not ruin his vehicle with an over-the-top wrap or paint job.

5 Hulk Hogans Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper
Via Reddit

Like Marshawn Lynch, the retired wrestling star seemed to think his car needed to be an extension of his brand. As such both the exterior and interior were completely redesigned with his famous bright red and yellow colors.

Hulk Hogan - Dodge Viper
Via Flickr

Hulkamania was a force to be reckoned within the ring, but this Dodge Viper looks more like a Hotwheel than it does the car of a retired champ.

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4 Darren MacFadden’s Buick Centurion

Darren Macfadden's modified Buick Centurion
Via: CelebrityCarz

Why the NFL player felt the need to add such a high suspension system (the car is lifted almost 2 feet off the ground) and bright green custom rims to this classic Buick will forever confuse and annoy other Buick owners.

Interiors of Darren McFadden's customized Buick Centurion

The green wheels accentuate the green leather interior, which clashes with the car’s deep purple paint job.

3 Stephen Ireland’s (Wife’s) Bentley


The retired soccer player is famous for his eccentric car collection. In his garage sits a pink Range Rover and a blue and white Audi. But the Bentley he bought his wife is the (dis)honorable mention.

Stephen Ireland and Wife
Via: The Sun

The car was fitted with his wife’s initials where the famous Bentley “B” hood ornament would be, and he added red leather seats stitched with the monogram “To Jess, Love Stephen. While that may seem sweet, it also says “I love you,” if you just give someone a free, Bentley!

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2 LeBron James’ Lamborghini Aventador

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James seems to be a fan of wraps and his Lamborghini’s sport some of the loudest to be seen on any car. The bright green, white, and orange wrap that the 4 time NBA champion added to his car turned a sleek Lamborghini into, well, this…

Lamborghini’s are already pinnacles of style and design, so why celebrities and athletes think they can improve on the work of designers who have perfected this car is just hubris. That said, at least all James did was put on an ugly wrap, the car’s engine and interior remain pristine.

1 Josh Gordon’s Camouflaged Porsche

via Bleacher Report

Wrapping up the list is the embarrassing and now infamous camo-wrapped Porsche driven by NFL star Josh Gordon. This hideous warp robbed his Porsche Panorama of all elements of good taste.

Josh Gordon Camo Porshe Via Bottlegate
Via Bottlegate

Gordon also decided to add bright orange wheels and many people wonder why he went with the Panorama over the Cayenne. While a camo Cayenne would have been just as ugly, Porsche has seen better sales and higher satisfaction with the Cayenne nameplate over the Panorama. In any case, few other athletes have disgraced their otherwise stylish rides worse than this.

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