Things to Consider When Advertising a Job Vacancy

Things to Consider When Advertising a Job Vacancy

Recruitment campaigns can be a long process, but there is something very satisfying about it too. Finding the right person for a role is deeply important. The performance of the staff correlates directly to the success of the business. So, recruiting effectively is vital for companies who wish to succeed.

Recruitment does not have to be an arduous process; it is simply about making the right decisions and following the proper protocols. Read on for all the practices you need to consider when advertising a vacancy with your business.

Creating the Job Advertisement

The first thing you should do is create a job advertisement for the role you need to recruit for. You will need a few resources for this; you should have a job description to hand, which needs to be comprehensive. The job description should include all responsibilities for the role, where the role fits in the existing structure of the company and the pay bracket. This job description aids in the creation of the advertisement as well as further down the line during the interview processes and when drawing up the contract.

Pare the job description down to the fundamentals and include this in your advert. You should also include a list of requirements that you need from candidates; these can be essential and/or desired as per the role’s requirements and can include experience, qualifications, and relevant training. Finally, include the salary, any additional benefits your company offers and a little background on your company. If you are inexperienced in creating job adverts or are not confident, then consider using a template to help you with your job advert. There are online services that can help. For example, Hiring People is an online service that boasts a vast library of job description and job advert templates.

Market Research

Conduct some market research to see what other similar jobs are out there and what the most appropriate job title is for the role. This can also help if you are struggling to decide what salary you think is fair. Looking up other similar positions offered in your region can also give you an insight into the demand for these roles. This research helps to keep your advertisement relevant and attractive to potential candidates. Make sure it is labelled correctly and use SEO practices if possible. From your research, you should have discovered keywords that you can utilise to maximise the reach of your advert.

Cover Letters

Most employers request that candidates submit their CV’s – outlining their education, skills, and previous employment – alongside their applications. Some employers choose to ask that job seekers also submit a cover letter too. This can be a wise move as cover letters have to be personalised to each job listing, and so it allows recruiters to see who is taking the application process seriously. It also provides employers with additional information about candidates, although it may scare off some recruits who are reluctant to spend time writing one. However, this may not be a huge loss as dependant on the job role specifications, someone who does not want to write a cover letter may not be a good fit for the role anyway. It can indicate a lack of dedication or an inclination towards doing the bare minimum.

Where to Advertise

A challenge that employers may face is where they should post the advertisement. It requires a delicate balance between wanting to reach the broadest possible talent pool and narrowing the search to target the best candidates who are most likely to respond. The vast majority of job seekers choose to search for employment online, where there are many channels to choose from. Some are generic, and some are more geographically orientated, some are industry-specific. Some channels will also charge a fee for posting the advert. These are all things to consider before uploading. However, you do not have to only post your advert online trade publications still exist, and they are more likely to keep your ad targeted to the right pool of applicants. If you choose to advertise online, you should also decide how long to keep the listing active. The longer it is posted, the more people will see it. However, if you need the role to be filled quickly, you should deactivate the post sooner.

In Conclusion

A successful company stands on the shoulders of its staff and so it is crucial that you find the right person to fulfil any vacancies within the business. Finding the best candidate with all the necessary skills, qualifications, and personality to fit the job role can be exceedingly tricky. However, by taking on board the above advice, you are giving yourself the best chance for success in your hunt for the perfect applicant. 

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