Things to Keep in Mind about Personal Storage Units

Whether you’re an international student going back to their hometown during summer, an entrepreneur storing inventory, or a homeowner getting renovations done, London self storage or a storage unit in the city where you live, can help ease your life.

What is a personal storage unit? Very briefly, a space you rent for your personal possessions either on a short term or a long-term basis, if you lack the space for them in your own home.

As the name indicates, a personal storage unit is for your personal things, not business or corporate inventory. Most companies that offer personal storage also offer business, furniture and even student storage.

Basically, you should choose London self storage or storage Brighton, Hove or Burgess, according to your specific needs.

Okay, that might confuse you. What do we mean by ‘your specific needs’? Don’t worry, if you’re a first-timer in getting a unit for personal storage, you might have some confusions and queries, that’s completely normal and even needed.

So before you move your things into a personal storage unit, know what things you need to keep in mind about such units. Read ahead to find out 5 important things you need to know.

1. The Prices for Personal Storage Units Can Vary Greatly

Yes, before you decide to book the first unit you see, know that you might find a cheaper option. This is because the prices of facilities like London self storage and storage Brighton or a unit elsewhere in the UK, vary greatly.

This is due in part to the difference in areas. Just as rental prices for houses and apartments are higher in the central parts of the city, the pattern is same for storage units.

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Moreover, some self storage units provide 24-hour access to you while others don’t require you to ever visit the unit yourself (they provide the packing and transport service). Such London self storage and storage Brighton facilities are usually cheaper than the former and also more convenient if you’re a busy person, always short on time.     

Personal storage in London self storage

2. Which Unit is the Best for Your Personal Storage?

Well, the one that fits your specific requirements the best. This includes the size of the unit, the cost, and the amenities that are included in the rent that you pay.

To know all of these you first need to be sure of exactly what things you want to store in the unit. This will determine whether you need a closet sized (approximate area 15-20 sq. ft.) unit or a 200 square feet unit – a 5 roomed-house-like space.

Moreover, whether or not you require climate control, CCTV surveillance, padlocks, etc. also depends on what items you are storing, and what their financial or emotional worth is.

Some companies give insurance and liability coverage while others do not. In sum, the options are endless, what works for others might not work for you because only you are fully aware of the nature of your belongings and of your own preferences.       

3. What Happens in Case of a Calamity or Theft?

Even if you opt for a highly safe and secure London self storage, which has all the latest security features, theft or a calamity can still occur if you and the company are unlucky someday.

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In most cases, the storage providers are not liable for any loss occurred unless the theft was due to neglect on their part. Same goes for when a natural disaster like flood happens; the company won’t replace or pay for your belongings unless you paid for insurance.

If you become a victim of any such unfortunate event, and did purchase an insurance policy, you should make a claim as soon as you can.

4. Things You Will Need When Booking a Personal Storage Unit

Things to Keep in Mind about Personal Storage Units

Now obviously you can’t expect to get the space for your belongings in exchange for money only. Well, no doubt that is kind of how it works. You nonetheless have to provide, the company you avail the service from, with some information about your own self.

They might also make you sign some forms and documents. Why do you have to do that? Because the company needs some kind of assurance that you won’t store anything illegal.

Showing a valid, government-issued form of ID is a must to be able to rent London self storage, storage Brighton, or a storage unit elsewhere. You might show a driver’s license or your state ID, or even your passport.

Just as you make sure that the company is safe and reliable, so does the company. This is why they make you sign a storage unit agreement or contract.

You should read out the contract from beginning to end to know of any hidden charges and to make sure you aren’t getting fooled in any way. We also advise you to follow the rules it lays out. This whole process might take only a few minutes if it is online.

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5. The Reviews Talk a Lot!

Just as you check online reviews for a product before actually buying it, you should do the same when it comes to booking London self storage or getting a storage unit in any other city.

Check what the people have to say about the company and their facilities, they have first-hand experience. Not to forget that people mostly post reviews either when they are extremely satisfied with a product, or when they absolutely hate it.

Your job is to look for any positive or negative patterns that you can detect from the community feedback, reviews, and the rating, if there is any.

Now that you have read about the five things that you need to keep in mind about personal storage units, you won’t be wrong in thinking yourself a well-informed person. We think that you are now fully ready to choose and book a unit for yourself, and you should too.   

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