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If humans ever do go back to the moon, we hope they’d cruise around the lunar surface on one of these.

This concept of a moon-capable space motorbike came from Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy last year and, in theory, would be light enough to earn its place as payload on a future lunar mission.

It features all-terrain wheels and pivoting suspension system allowing it to tackled the dusty craters and the 1/6th Earth gravity up there.

Now, a German bike think tank has taken the fictional concept and created a real-life version as a proof-of-concept.

The drivable prototype was built by Hookie and has been named Tardigrade after the microscopic animals that survive in outer space.

The company said it took nine months to turn the concept into a reality.

The Tardigrade is the work of German bike think tank Hookie (Credits: J.Konrad Schmidt/Hookie/Cover-Im)
The real-life prototype took nine months to create (Credits: Hookie/
It says Nasa on the side but we don’t think the space agency was involved (Credits: J.Konrad Schmidt/Hookie/Cover-Im)
Easier to find a parking spot for one of these than a moon buggy (Credits: J.Konrad Schmidt/Hookie/Cover-Im)
Probably the best way to tour the moon’s surface (Credits: J.Konrad Schmidt/Hookie/Cover-Im)
No, this picture wasn’t actually shot on the moon (Credits: J.Konrad Schmidt/Hookie/Cover-Im)

It’s scheduled to be shown off as part of an adventure exhibition in California in October.

Presumably, in case anyone from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab happens to drop by and see it.

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