Blockwell, a blockchain development platform designed for the real world, is announcing today it is hosting a contest to demonstrate the ease and efficiency of its wallet and token creation system. Blockwell’s “API Miner” makes interacting with Ethereum-based business-specific blockchains easy. Before Blockwell, creating a cryptocurrency token and making it do something was an extremely complex process that often took weeks, if not months. Blockwell has solved this problem by developing a cutting edge API with fully working wallets, block explorers, and token use case demos.  The Blockwell “Lens” is available Open Source at

Blockwell’s “10 Ether in 10 Minutes” contest, or “10in10” for short, is a video submission contest wherein users screencast themselves creating a token in under 10 minutes and submit it. Contestants may package the token into a bigger product afterwards. The contest functions to create a series of case studies which demonstrate that any developer can create immutable, unique, cryptocurrency that actually does something in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

The specifics of the contest are as follows:

1. Visit and register your details to enter the contest.
2. Screencast yourself using Blockwell’s “API Miner” to build a token in ten minutes or less.
3. Post your screencast video on YouTube.
4. Submit your video to Blockwell for a chance to win TEN ether.

Once submitted, Blockwell’s panel of expert judges will pick the winner based on the following criteria:

Presentation – 25%
What is your token’s unique purpose? Does it solve a real world problem? Does it create benefit, fun, a sense of comfort, or a unique connection with others? The better you present your token’s goal and purpose, the better your chances of winning.

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Technology – 25%
How does your token technically work, and how is it integrated? The better you explain, document, and/or demonstrate how your token is technically utilized, the better your chances of winning.

Community Outreach – 25%
The number of YouTube video likes, Twitter favorites, and retweets of your submission will be combined to programmatically generate an overall score. The higher the outreach score, the better your chances of winning.

Judges Personal Vote – 25%
Each judge provides their personal vote. The better your token’s purpose, presentation, and technical outlook is understood and appreciated by the judges, the better your chances of winning.

Alice Hlidkova: TV Host, New Economies NASDAQ. Agency Owner. BlockChain Founder. ICO Adviser & Marketer. Women in Blockchain Advocate.
Seth Melamed: Head of Operations, QUOINE.
Kevin Winston: Head of Digital LA and Silicon Beach Fest, LA’s Largest Tech Festival.
Matthew Aaron: Head of Crypto101 (Cryptocurrency podcast with more than 3 million downloads)
Alexandra Damsker: Former SEC Attorney, two-time Entrepreneur with one exit
Chris Ellis: Cryptocurrency Advisor, Entrepreneur on multiple large-scale projects

“Blockchain, especially the cryptography and consensus part, is really hard for the average developer and entrepreneur to get their head around,“ says Josh Smith, the Founder of Blockwell. “We’ve made it easy by providing a simple API, on-demand blockchain creation, a slate of Open Source demo apps–including your own Android wallet–and more. ‘10 Ether in 10 Minutes’ is a contest to get as many developers into our ecosystem as possible to show the world what tokens can really do. Developers who sign up at the website will get a free token and be shortlisted for early access to the Blockwell OS, our cutting edge blockchain development desktop.”

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In addition to the 10 Ether in 10 Minutes award, Blockwell is offering the following rewards for other activities relating to the contest:

Most Developer Referrals Award:
The person who refers the most developers to the main contest will be awarded FOUR ether.

Winning Referral Award:
The person who refers the eventual winner of the main contest will be awarded TWO ether.

The contest began at 9:00 A.M. PST (GMT-7) on September 4, and submissions are being accepted until the contest ends at 11:59 P.M. PST (GMT-7) on Friday, January 4. All submissions will be reviewed and winners will be announced at 10:00 P.M. PST (GMT-7) on January 14.

Founded in 2018, Blockwell is a blockchain development platform dedicated to tokenizing the world. Tokens created with Blockwell’s API Miner are made via pre-audited code and the system is designed for real-world developers and entrepreneurs. We let you focus on building your product and creating a token ecosystem that’s worth using. In Q4 2018 Blockwell is launching the Blockwell OS alongside its Token Lab which will allow Solidity developers to create cutting-edge new token solutions, test each other’s work, submit code for audit and inclusion in API Miner. We believe tokens will build a more equitable world and, as such, are designing equitable rewards for any developer engaged in the system.

With blockchain and other cryptocurrency technology currently in the process of maturing, entire industries are set to be revolutionized. Blockwell presents an exciting opportunity that allows these industries to easily create tokens and custom blockchains to help usher in a new age of technological advancement.

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Below is a video overview of Blockwell.



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