This Epic Cinematic Snowball Fight Entirely Shot on an iPhone 11 – TVOvermind


Well, one thing you can say about this video is that it had a happy and mutually beneficial ending, sort of. But another you can say is that winter is for snowball fights, especially on snow days. Obviously the iPhone cameras are more than pretty good if this entire epic snowball fight was captured in this manner. DL Cade of PetaPixel had more to say on this subject.  The ingenuity and precision of the snowball fight was a little more impressive though since if anyone can remember having a snowball fight in the past there weren’t always these kinds of fortifications being used, especially if the fight was an impromptu one that saw people simply hucking hastily thrown-together wads of snow at each other. But hey, for cinematic effect it was pretty cool since the whole idea of using various tools and tactics to win the fight were pretty impressive. But one thing, how cold did those kids waiting to attack from under the blinds get while they were awaiting the word to attack? That seems like it’d be freezing under there even with the added body heat that was being generated.

I’m guessing the point here is that if you want the best experience when trying to film something like an epic snow battle then you want the best camera available which means going out and buying a ridiculously expensive iPhone so that you can…wait. If you pay that kind of money for an iPhone and then use it to film a snowball fight, it’s one thing if it’s all done as an epic short film, which is kind of cool really. But if you were the type of person to spend that kind of money on a phone it’s likely that you don’t want it anywhere near a snowball fight for a few reasons. Even if it’s sealed tightly, even if you have a case around it and are confident that it won’t get busted or damaged in any way, a lot of people would still hopefully use common sense and keep it away from a regular snowball fight because things can and do happen from time to time. Technology is being made tougher and tougher as the years go by, or at least the casing surrounding it is, but stuff will still happen occasionally and it’s usually best to think about how a scenario like this might play out if it’s not all carefully planned. That being said though, this was shot in a very professional-looking manner which says a lot about the camera and as a result is one reason why a lot of people are probably looking forward to having an iPhone 11.

Then there are those out there like myself that don’t mind other phones like the Androids and tend to think that a phone is still for calling people and texting, which means more than the other functions that people seem to buy phones for these days. At this point does anyone born after 2000 realize what cell phones used to be used for? The answer of course is yes since enough people will tell them, but the idea of what a cell phone used to be versus what it is today is kind of hilarious since at one point a cell phone was a big gray or black brick that had an antenna that was longer than the phones we have today. Remember that? Phones couldn’t be programmed with multiple numbers, there were no such things as apps, and the only game you could really play was punching in numbers that would create words if you were creative enough and turned the phone upside down. The batteries were the size of staplers almost and couldn’t hold anywhere near the charge that today’s phones can. Just imagine if a person tried to use one of those phones today. It might work, but it would have one function and one function only, to make phone calls. Heck, you couldn’t even store numbers in the earliest phones, and the camera on a phone wasn’t even possible until the late 90s to early 2000s. The phones we hold today are like miniature computers/TV’s/cameras/recorders all packed into one neat little package that costs a bundle and yet does so much that a lot of us wonder what we used to do before they came out. Well, the answer is pretty simple, we either carried everything around with us that we needed, or we were more selective about the things we did on any given day.

Progress of course is the name of the game when it comes to technology, but sometimes it’s just amazing to see what’s being done and how quickly it’s being released, upgraded, and then released again. In another decade or two it’s likely going to be just as amazing. This video kind of proves that fact.


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