The landlord-tenant relationship is moving to the Internet, thanks to online property management tools. With the digital platforms, property owners and managers are now utilising the advantages of community engagement through online tenant portals. This helps them to improve further and customize the tenant experience.

Raised €13M!

Meet Zenhomes! Founded in 2016, this digital platform is the one-stop-shop for private landlords and property managers. Recently, the Berlin-based company has raised €13 million in a Series A funding round bringing its total value to €19 million. The funds from the financing round will be used to expand the team and platform of the core brand


The funding round was led by both new and existing investors. The new investors in the financing round, which was signed on 12 August, were energy supplier EWE, Austrian company SIGNA Innovations and MOMENI Digital Ventures. The Family Office of serial entrepreneur and investor Christian Angermayer, the Apeiron Investment Group, also participated in the financing round.

Existing investors around Swiss Life, Deutsche Bank, Axa and main incubator (research and development department & early-stage investor of the Commerzbank Group) underline their renewed participation with the confidence in Zenhomes and the core brand Venture capital investor Bitstone Capital and Berlin Technologie Holding (BTH) also continue to invest.


For the uninitiated, Zenhomes is an association of Berlin entrepreneurs and investors whose vision is to make property ownership intelligent and straightforward. It brings together landlords, tenants, and service providers, such as craftsmen or estate agents.

Zenhome’s core brand – ‘’ already provides private landlords and property managers with integrated digital services for property management, such as rental management, asset management, or building maintenance and 24 hours emergency support as well.

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On the other hand, users benefit from a seamless experience that allows them to increase transparency and reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks and financial losses due to mismanagement.

Jannes Fischer, CEO, and founder of Zenhomes said:

The real estate market is changing. Investors are increasingly young players with modern assets. Our core brand aims at this target group and offers the perfect starting point to position Zenhomes as a holistic partner for all those involved in the real estate ecosystem. Our goal is to make the leading aggregator of housing in Germany within 2020.

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