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Aptera has always been an established electric car that didn’t make much success early. However, they made waves and achieved a stint of success with a new car design. The car claims to be crazy efficient, one of the most important things for automotive vehicles.

“At Aptera, we believe efficient transportation is at the heart of managing the Earth’s natural resources for the sake of the future generations.” This is the core message of Aptera’s services aside from powering a healthy planet.

Like Henry Ford’s industry change, Aptera is transitioning into building vehicles that will save the future. Aptera vehicles are designed with artificial intelligence and a composite body. Apart from the efficient performance and world-class standard body, Aptera seeks to make driving fun again for car lovers. The Aptera car is a combination of electric and solar energy. It is also referred to as the never charge technology.

Here are the coolest features of the Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle

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Solar-Powered Driving

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Speed is a priority to Aptera. The car was created to deliver energy efficiency at all times. Interestingly, the Apetra’s efficiency is second to none. Its unique shape allows the vehicle to slip through the air using only 30% of the energy. The vehicle can travel up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. That’s lovely.

In addition, the vehicle has the unique ability to drive 40 miles every day. This feature in itself defeats Apetra’s competitors in the automotive industry. Comparing the Aptera’s solar car with Tesla Model 3 takes at least 250 watts/hours, while some big electric vehicles use 300-400 watts/hours. That’s an outstanding efficiency and an incredible feat yet to be defeated by any vehicle yet.

Another level of efficiency for Apetra means it recovers faster when charging compared to other electric cars. Aptera has a featherlight chassis and aerodynamic nature; the vehicle has a svelte silhouette and a coefficient of just .13. While Tesla model 3 stays at 0.23. Aptera’s base model weighs 1,800 pounds, while the 1,000 kph weighs 2200 pounds.The car also has a vectorized torque control that gives the car stability in tough conditions.

Charging an Aptera car at 50kw DC would allow the vehicle to gain 500 miles of range in an hour. The roof panel solar of the Aptera car is standard. It is capable of providing 20 miles of charge per day during solar weather conditions. Covering the hood and hatch with solar panels will result in approximately 3 meters. This is about 24% efficiency compared to its competitors.

Conventional Modern Interior Designs


Many electric three-wheelers cars, such as the Arcimoto FUV, have a fairly spartan interior. Aptera invested hugely in the mechanical and electrical design of the vehicle. Of course, less effort was spent on the interior bells and whistles considering the car looks quite small, with a limited cargo.

However, the Aptera car shows nicely finished interior designs that look like a futuristic conventional car. Its infotainment screen similar to Tesla electric car. Because the car is aerodynamic and a highly engineered car, it is quite roomy. The car is spacious for two passengers and a pet.

Futuristic Design Ultralight Bodywork


The car is designed as a two-seater, with a small cargo room – leaving no room for children or friends. While this car is not meant to compete in the family car market, it competes with the world’s best and strongest electric vehicles. With its exterior design inspired by race cars and fighter jets, Aptera was designed with the strongest steel.

While we cannot compare the three-wheeled Aptera car with the typical four-wheelers, Aptera guarantees its customers a high level of passenger safety. Aptera has gone beyond the minimum requirements, explaining that, “With a Formula-1 inspired safety cell, advanced airbag technology and energy-absorbing composite material made of steel and aluminium.”

One thing that never changed with the new Aptera car is its weight. The vehicle is exceptionally light, weighs, made with composite material like aluminum and steel; the vehicle is composed of four parts instead of the average 300 that make most four-wheeled cars. The car is smoother as well, and more cost-efficient to produce.

Built with artificial intelligence, the car user interface informs the driver of extending the car’s range and conserving energy. Besides the UI, the vehicle can control the acceleration, steering and braking. However, the driver must be behind the wheel to intervene when needed.

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Minimal Maintenance


Anthony, the CEO of Aptera, said the company maintains the right to repair the cars. This right involves the company disclosing services and repairs procedures online to empower car owners. Aptera ships parts of the vehicles to their customers worldwide.

In conclusion, the vehicle is slated for delivery by the end of 2021. The car is going for $25,900 for the 250 miles (400km) version. If you want to upgrade to the 1,000 miles, the 1,600km version of the car goes for $44,900. The Aptera car is a revolutionary-solar powered three-wheeled vehicle people would never forget.

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