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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday heard the case of three Asians charged with offering a bribe to a telecom employee, to obtain 200 iPhones.

Official documents indicated that the first suspect got acquainted with the second and third. Then the third suggested that the first would mediate with the telecom employee in return for a sum of money, to facilitate getting 200 iPhones by the suspects, without checking the documents and financial guarantees required to pay their value.


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The suspects agreed to give the telecom employee Dhs1,500 for each device delivered.

The first suspect got from the third an amount of Dhs150 as a reward for persuading the telecom employee, but the approval was fictitious, as he reported them.

Dubai-Property750A view of the Dubai skyline.

Recently, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 42-year-old Asian woman to criminal court for forging application forms, with two other accomplices, in order to obtain 95 iPhones and mobile services worth Dhs924,000.

The telecom firm noticed suspicious activity on the defendant’s sales rate during 2015 to 2016, and a number of complaints were issued against her by 10 companies, stating that they have not requested for issuance of any SIM cards or mobile phones.

An investigation was immediately carried out by the firm, which resulted in discovering that the defendant had forged applications for 96 iPhones, and 96 SIM cards, with the help of two runaway accomplices.

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