Three Movies 3D Printing Helped to Create

Three Movies 3D Printing Helped to Create

If you want to develop a three dimensional object you, of course, need to use 3D printing Seattle. You could buy one yourself, but you could also decide to hire a 3D printing service. This additive manufacturing process is already used by many different companies in a lot of different sectors. For example, in the medical industry 3D printing Austin has already been used to develop functional organs. Besides that, the automotive sector uses this technique as well, mainly to create prototypes for car parts. Another industry that has started to use 3D printing is the movie industry. Multiple films have been made with the help of this process, including the three movies below.


Deadpool is a movie starring Ryan Reynolds as antihero Deadpool that was released in 2016. The mask Deadpool wears in the film is quite iconic and made with the help of rapid prototyping. This was done in order to make the mask show emotion, while also being skintight. It also needed to be comfortable enough to wear for a long time. In other words, the mask had to be just right as Ryan Reynolds explained as well: “The mask is pretty important because there’s a ton of dialogue that’s underneath the mask.” 3D printing made this possible. 

Black Panther

Black Panther is an innovative movie in lots of ways. The blockbuster by Marvel was released in 2018 and used 3D printing in order to create fantastical parts. These could have been made with other processes as well, but this would have been much harder and would have taken longer as well. To create the 3D models, the costume designers used inspiration from the shapes and colors of traditional African styles. They combined this with the aesthetics of Wakanda. Head of the department Ruth E. Carter collaborated with Julia Koerner to create the 3D prints. Koerner is a famous Austrian architect that is no stranger to 3D printing at all.


If you think of the movie Thor you will instantly picture his hammer. When Marvel filmed this film the production designers needed several versions of this piece since the hammer was going to be used for multiple purposes. Prop manufacturer Prop Shop was hired to create these, which they did with the help of 3D. They did this from scanning to modeling to printing. The hammers seen in the movie are essentially all different.

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