Tide Foundation introduces 'cyber herd immunity' with new deep tech security solution – iTWire

Deep tech cybersecurity start-up Tide Foundation is claiming it is curing the cyber breach pandemic with the “radical idea” of delivering ‘cyber herd immunity’ to any organisation.

According to Tide its “unique decentralised design” completely shifts the cyber protection strategies for companies so that no one individual or organisation controls the “keys to the kingdom,” – “nor is there a single vulnerability that can completely compromise the system. Essentially the power of the many protects the one”.

Tide says it has has signed an agreement with (an unnamed) global technology services company to address the threat of cyber breaches that occur almost daily. and to build out the adoption of this “innovative security model”.

“The first targeted industries include health, BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), and the critical operational technology (OT) infrastructure space. Additionally, Tide and the integrator are working with a university to use Tide’s capability to grant students absolute control over their records in a way that can be safely shared with other academic facilities.

“In the Tide solution, access keys to each of an organisation’s digital assets (e.g., data, funds, cyber-physical infrastructure) are fragmented across a host of servers managed by many different organisations.

“To breach even a single asset an attacker needs to breach the organisation holding it, then locate and breach every other organisation holding the fragments of the correct key. For a mass breach, this effort would need to be replicated for each individual asset, thus providing exponentially greater security for all — from SMEs to large enterprises.

According to Tide, the global economy’s increasing reliance on digital systems and remote workforces have drastically increased the attack surface threatening to compromise organisations – and in 2021, cyber breaches will inflict an estimated $6 trillion in damages.

“This dangerous and expensive crisis is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.  Meanwhile, companies pour resources into continuous fortification, but the damage is compounding,. calling for a drastic innovative solution to address the global problem,” Tide warns.

“Security providers like SolarWinds, Kaseya and others that were seriously compromised were considered the most trusted solutions in the market. But this trust became the very vulnerability exploited in their respective supply chain attacks, because their solutions were granted access to the most sensitive resources of the organizations they were protecting. This resulted in some of the most damaging breaches in history,” said Michael Loewy, Co-founder, Tide.

“To really solve the problem, we need an entirely new way of thinking.”

Tide says its “ground-breaking cryptography, named blind secret processing, guarantees the network participants are completely blind to the keys, the processes being used and the assets they unlock, while allowing the entire herd to operate as a cohesive, unimpeachable guardian.

“Today’s most progressive cybersecurity protection schemes rely on so-called Zero Trust, where all users must be authenticated, authorized and continuously validated,” said Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo, an Australian cybersecurity scientist and cryptographer at the University of Wollongong and an IEEE fellow who has published more than 400 papers, as well as a Tide advisor.

“Ironically, this process is handled by a centralised mechanism that requires complete trust. Tide’s breakthrough simply takes trust out of the equation completely — in favor of verifiable math — so that the mechanism has no visibility into the sensitive processes it performs.”

“This unique core capability can be seamlessly integrated into any existing platform or managed service, guaranteeing real privacy protection, resolving data ownership conundrums, unlocking secure information sharing or just cementing a new verifiable-trust relationship with consumers,” said Yuval Hertzog, Co-founder, Tide, who led R&D for a decade in one of Israel’s most prestigious cyber-intelligence units.

“With a few lines of code, any product or platform regardless of its scale will enjoy the same level of protection as the internet becomes a giant shield,” added Hertzog.

Beyond the enterprise market, Tide has embedded its technology into an open-source Identity and Access Management System which it says it will release to the developer community shortly.


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