Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Window for Homeowners

If you have never gone back to square one after cleaning a vinyl window, you are lucky. When you do it the wrong way, streaks are left behind, making your window look ugly. Even worse, your window ends up with scratches.

Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Window for Homeowners

However, cleaning your vinyl windows the right way can help in regaining its original beauty. Here at WindowTech Windows and Doors have compiled a few tips that can help you get the best results.

1. Type of Cleaning Solution

The two types of cleaning solutions available: homemade and those bought from the store.

  • Cleaning solutions from the store. If you prefer using cleaning solutions from the store, look for those that are specially made for glass. These cleaners are streak-free and give you a fantastic job. When you choose the wrong solution, your work becomes tedious.

When dealing with stubborn stains, you can make use of some of the dishwashing detergents.

  • Homemade cleaning solutions. If you prefer cleaning your vinyl windows with natural ingredients, here are a few options:

Vinegar and lemon: you can use this solution on several surfaces. The mild acidity of this solution is what works in removing dirt.

Alcohol: alcohol is not ideal for cuts and injuries, but also cleaning.

2. Equipment

Once you have settled for a cleaning solution, you need to have a cleaning tool. Of course, you cannot clean a vinyl window using a cleaning solution alone. Some of the efficient equipment includes:

  • Vacuum. When cleaning your vinyl windows, you have to do thorough work. Use a vacuum to clean the rails and sill of your window. It prevents your window from clogging, enhancing its functionality.
  • Squeegees and sponges. These are used hand in hand, and if you observe, professionals never leave them behind. Sponges are used to apply the cleaning solution while the squeegees remove streaks.
  • Scraper. It is essential where cleaning rug cannot be efficient. Mostly, residue such as paint is removed using this equipment.
  • Paper towels, newspapers and old t-shirts. If you are not willing to spend on window cleaning materials, these are a cheap option. They are excellent since they do not leave lint on your windows.
  • Lint Roller. When cleaning and drying your window, static electricity is created. It attracts small particles of dust which can be disappointing. Your lint roller becomes handy at this point.

When and How to Do Window Cleaning

Before you start working on your window, choose the right time to do the activity. You can do it:

1. On an Overcast Day

An overcast day provides you with an ideal environment for cleaning. You do not have to chase your cleaning solution because it is evaporating due to high temperature.

2. Break It Down

If you have many windows, do not struggle to clean them at once. Instead, break them down in numbers and work in a batch per day.

Make your vinyl window cleaning count by doing it right.

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