Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Workspace

Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Workspace

After two years of uncertainty for so many businesses, the UK Government’s attempts to ‘live with Covid’ may offer some semblance of stability.

If you missed out on revenue during the height of the pandemic, you may now be thinking about ways to maximise your business recovery.

Increasing the productivity of your workforce will be key at a time like this. But you may need to make some changes in order to foster this from your staff.

Here we’ll look at the different ways in which this can be done.

Promote Regular Breaks

Giving staff more time away from work might sounds the exact opposite of productive, but an overworked and burnt out workforce is never likely to do a great job, manufacture great products or provide great service.

Rather than one solid block for a break in the middle of each shift, you could offer greater autonomy to your staff for when they down tools and get some respite.

This faith in your staff to handle their own workload is likely to result in greater staff satisfaction and retention – both of which are vital to a smooth-running operation.

Upgrade Your Workspaces

Whether your staff could benefit from better equipment or a refreshed workspace, doing so may make their jobs easier and promote a sense of you investing in them.

If you don’t have immediate capital, a small business loan could help you retool and improve revenue in the long term.

Of course, be sure that the repayments fall in line with the rest of your overheads and that you won’t impact things as a result.

Provide Opportunities for Training

If staff have been in their jobs for a long time, they may be stuck in certain ways of doing things – and these methods may not be the most efficient.

Regular training sessions may help to foster new and better ways of working, as well as providing refreshers for those that need it.

Create an Employee Reward Scheme

Setting your staff targets and checking their progress against them is a smart way to track your company’s development and can help you set bigger goals.

However, getting buy-in from your workforce is also key. And that’s where rewards set against these targets can come in. Whether it’s a prize for employee of the month or rewards tracked against metrics such as commission, a well-rewarded team is more likely to be productive.

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