Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe at Work

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe at Work

Protection of  your sight has become significantly important as the number of eye injuries is increasing in the workplace. According to a workplace injury report by Nimble Fins, over 800 UK workers suffered serious eye injuries in 2021. The common eye injuries that the workers experience in the workplace are scratches on the cornea, and foreign particles or chemicals coming in contact with the eyes. Eye injuries can also occur due to burns from the vapor, infrared or ultraviolet radiation exposure, fluids speckled in the eye. Several data sets also confirm that almost 90% of these eye injuries are preventable with the use of the right eye protection glasses and shields, as work visors offer great protection for both eyes and face. In this article, we will offer some essential tips to keep your eyes safe at work.

Wear the Proper Eye Protection:

It is really important to wear proper eye protection for different work conditions. For instance, if you are working in an environment where flying particles and dust are very common, you must wear safety glasses. The glasses that include the protective side-shields are effective to protect your eyes against fragments, whereas goggles help you to protect your eyes from diseases and chemicals. You can also use faceshields based on your working conditions.

Keep Lenses Clean:

Effective eyewear must offer a clear view during work in order to improve the workers’ satisfaction and productivity. If you are working in an environment where lots of dust is present in the air, it is better to have anti-scratch eyewear. In the case of outdoor work, your eyewear should also provide sun protection. Therefore, depending on the work condition, you should choose the most suitable eyewear for you.

Remove Hazards:

Apart from relying on protective eyewear, you should also minimize and avoid hazards in the workplace in order to ensure safety. An organization should train and educate its workers about the dangers of the workplace and the importance of taking safety measures.

Make the First-Aid Available:

In order to prevent severe eye injuries, a first-aid kit should be available in the workplace. When a worker sustains any type of eye injury, immediate application of eye drops, and eyewash is essential. An effective eyewash can help to cure minor irritation that occurs due to dust. If your eyes come in contact with chemicals or acids, you should use an emergency eyewash station, instead of relying on the basic eye wash rinse.

Substitute Damaged Goods:

When you are using your eyewear daily, your goggles or safety glasses will not provide effective protection after some time. There can occur scratches, cracks, or breaks in your glassesand even you may not have efficient visibility. Therefore, you should try to keep the good conditions of your eyewear by taking effective care. You should also substitute the damaged eyewear.

These tips are crucial to protect your eyes in the workplace. Above all, you should avoid working with your naked eyes in workplaces that include hazards.

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