Tips for Managing Multiple Offices Across the Country

Tips for Managing Multiple Offices Across the Country

Managing multiple offices across the country requires a great deal of effort, commitment, and managerial skill to pull off. On top of that, you would be saddled with the responsibility of coordinating multiple teams across each business location for optimal performance and increased productivity.

Managing multiple offices comes with its challenges, including limited supervision time, lack of team collaboration, and inability to keep track of meeting schedules. That being said, there are ways around these challenges that ensure the smooth operation of the business. Below are a couple of useful tips to help you efficiently manage multiple offices across the country.

Buy a Private IP Block.

Every business entity is expected to develop a privacy policy—a document that guides the handling of personal information. Besides, customers need assurances that their data would be protected. Owning a private IP address enables you to securely communicate with your employees and clientele, which enhances digital security.

What’s more, your data won’t be compromised by viruses and malware. An Internet service provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to every internet-enabled device. To get assigned an IP address, you need to register at your respective regional internet registry (RIR). RIRs are supervised by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

There are two types of IP addresses in use today—IPv4 and IPv6. Due to growing demand, there’s been a shortage of IPv4 addresses of late, which makes getting an IPv4 address space tricky. You’ll likely need a broker to facilitate the transfer. In that case, companies like Brander Group can guide you on where you can buy IP address that is affordable, clean, and safe.

Brander Group works closely with internet service providers, hosting providers, telcos, IPv4 network operators, and policymakers from ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE regions to facilitate the smooth transfer and sale of IPv4 addresses. With a vast knowledge of IPv4 transfer policies, market dynamics, and potential pitfalls, Brander Group assists you in navigating the muddy waters of buying an IP address space. They handle all the processes from the IPv4 address pre-approval stage to the completion of the transfer.

Have your Business Cards Handy.

Managing multiple offices requires you to maintain an active presence across various locations. This can be quite challenging as one may not be able to keep up with engagements and timelines. With business cards, you can easily forge a professional and working relationship with a prospective client. A business card provides your potential client with actionable details about you and the company. Most importantly, it contains your contact information, including your email address and phone number for optimal communication.

For instance, if you run a law firm, printing attorney business cards is an excellent way to get your contact information across to your prospective clients. With your contact details in hand, prospective clients can easily reach out to you for business. If you’re looking to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of your prospective clients, it would best to go for the best quality in terms of design and printing. For companies like Mines Press—a foremost B2B printing company—this is an area of specialty and passion.

Mines Press has been in the printing business for over eight decades with a sterling reputation for excellent and quality service. The acclaimed printing brand prides itself in guaranteeing customer satisfaction above all else. All in all, Mines Press offers its customers the best in terms of quality, service, and price.

Invest in Office Refreshments.

Water is unarguably the most popular drink in a typical workplace. That’s why a standard water service will ensure your employees stay hydrated and healthy, which translates to increased efficiency and productivity. By providing clean, purified water for your employees, you can keep them from getting fatigued before the close of work. You can easily set up a water dispenser or water cooler in the break-room or near the restroom for convenience.

Water coolers are a cost-effective method of enhancing employee engagement, cohesion, and collaboration around the various offices. With that in mind, it would be best to sign up immediately for an office water delivery service. There are many reputable water companies that you can contract to supply your company with clean, portable drinking water. Notable among them include DS Services of America and Canada Springs.

Canadian Springs is Canada’s oldest and largest direct-delivery water company. With a water company like Canadian Springs, you’d be sure to get premium bottled waters for your coolers and dispensers. They’re also a leading provider of coffee and tea service, break room supplies, refreshments, and advanced tap water filtration systems. What’s more, the company offers an extensive coffee and bottled water service distribution networks spread across Canada, U.S., and the UK.

Check in Regularly with Various Offices.

To successfully manage multiple offices, you need to be present at the various locations to get a firsthand experience of how they’re faring. Some offices may require more visits than others due to their strategic location and viability. Keeping close tabs on our employees may require you to schedule regular visits to your various offices. You can visit each office at least once per week, or if that’s not feasible, once a month. Sometimes, commuting between locations can be stressful and too much of a hassle.

You can also take advantage of video conferencing apps like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom to keep in touch with your other offices. Regardless of whether it’s physical or digital, you need to be intentional about staying abreast of the happenings at the various offices.

Hire Assistant Managers.

As your company grows, you may need to hire assistant managers to manage the business effectively. Try not to make any hiring mistakes, as these can have far-reaching consequences for that office location. If you don’t want to hire managers, you can choose an employee from each office and apprentice them to run the offices the same way you would. In doing so, you’re sure that the offices can function efficiently in your absence.

These assistant managers would ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day activities at their various locations. They stand in for you in your absence and attend to the needs of other employees and clients. You can always organize meetings from time to time with your assistant managers to get performance and progress reports.

Leverage Technology to get Ahead.

Thanks to technology, you can make your life and that of your employees a lot simpler. Business managers now have access to a wide range of tools and software to manage their employees and businesses efficiently. When it comes to managing multiple offices, there are technological tools you can incorporate into your processes to enable these offices to run smoothly without being physically present.

You can use these tools and software to monitor employee performance and productivity, streamline communication, and enhance team collaboration. For instance, you can use communication tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Proof Hub, and Skype to incentivize meaningful conversations and drive cohesive decision-making. Additionally, collaboration tools such as Trello, Asana, and Slack enable you to work with your employees no matter their location.

Using these tools and software helps you save time and energy required in being physically present at each office. More importantly, you need to train all your employees on how to use the technological tools their duties require. You can organize in-person training sessions where a professional trains your staff on how to use and exploit these resources.

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