Tips: How to Choose the Right Process Server?

Tips: How to Choose the Right Process Server?

Filing a case and going through the case hearing can be a bit of a hassle. Even more, if you are not able to initiate the case just because you can’t find the defendant party and are not able to notify them about the case. That’s when a process server comes in handy. Process servers basically find the defendant party on your behalf and “serve” all the court papers. In addition to this, they also retrieve and file legal documents. For instance, a professional and efficient Melbourne process server can make the matters of your court case smoother and easier for you.

But it’s also important to consider that only the “right” process server can ease up your litigation process. The opposite is also possible if you don’t have the right server. So, how can you find the right and best process server? Keep reading this article to know!

1. Years of Experience

As legal matters are quite sensitive, it’s important to take into account the years of experience your potential server has. The more the experience, the more competent the process server will be.

If your process server is competent, you wouldn’t have to deal with the extra stress and hassle. You can ask them about their past experience and how many years they have been working in this field. Asking for proof of service can be your best bet here. 

2. Ask Others

If someone from your family or even your lawyer is able to refer you to a process server, that would be even better, as you wouldn’t have to fret about their competency or authenticity.

However, it’s also important to note that you should ask them for what kind of services they hired the referred server, as the nature of the work may make some difference for you.

3. Look for Online Reviews

Nowadays, everything runs online, especially on social media. You should take advantage of this and take a look at the reviews from the server’s previous customers.

If all the reviews are positive, this could also mean that they have bought reviews. Therefore, it’s okay in case your potential server has a few negative reviews, as this means they are authentic. However, it’s better if most of their reviews are positive.

You can also guess by reading the reviews about what your potential server is best at and what they lack. This can also help you make an informed decision.

4. Consider the Technology Process Servers Use

If the process server doesn’t use the latest and innovative technology, this could slow down your court procedures, and they will be of ultimately no use to you. Hence, it’s essential to ask them what kind of technology they use to track the defendant party.

For instance, online tracking of documents, GPS navigation, national databases for skip tracing, smartphones, etc.

5. Compare the Fees

If you want the best services from your process server, you should already know that they will charge slightly higher fees as compared to the others. As the turnaround time will be less, it will help you with court procedures as well.

In case a process server asks for a significantly lower price, it could be due to poor quality of services or lack of expertise. You obviously don’t want this, now, do you?

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