Tips on Caring for Your Tiny Dog Breeds

Tips on Caring for Your Tiny Dog Breeds

All dogs have basic requirements that need meeting when it comes to caring and keeping regardless of size, with the species being (as a whole) generally the same in certain ways throughout the breeds. Aside from the standard necessities, small dogs have special care that needs attending over and above what their larger friends require. 

The little guys can often develop health issues, especially if pet parents are unfamiliar with preventative measures put in place for these specific pets to decrease the risks. It’s essential if a small puppy chooses you for its parent that you have an in-depth consultation with the vet concerning health requirements for the smaller pups. View this for guidelines on health issues for common dog breeds.

Health Tips Associated with a Little Canine

Little dogs are genuinely adorable and hard to resist when it comes time to rescue or adopt. What you need to consider before you go to the facility is the expenses associated with a smaller breed. These animals have special needs that go above what is considered the “normal” tending of the medium or larger size of a dog. 

These guys are more prone to health problems, and that can be due to parents’ lack of information, so it’s especially critical to educate on your breed before and after adopting to ensure proper care. Some tips to be aware of:


These animals need more calories for each pound than a bigger canine will. Your pet should receive 3-4 servings each day of a calorie-rich meal. Many of the dogs are hyper, many have a high metabolism, meaning the calories burn off super fast, and that doesn’t change once adulthood sets.

Insufficient calorie intake will result in a multitude of health problems, including a common issue for toy breeds of “hypoglycemia” where blood sugar suddenly drops. Serious incidents can lead to coma and possible fatality.


Playtime and exercise are vital for all dogs, but a smaller pup needs a little bit extra because they tend to have more energy than other breeds of dogs. You can find all sorts of appropriate products for all dogs breed at specialty pet markets or with the vet to incorporate into games and activities to stimulate the body and mind.

But it is also essential to understand that they have tiny legs, and while they need to burn excess energy, not every physique is built to go on extensive jogs or walks. Many diminutive dogs develop joint problems, and walking far – too far, can instigate these. 

Running exacerbates joint issues and is tough for dogs with short noses especially making breathing a challenge. Elevated temperatures are hard for these pups.  It’s wise to keep their exercises indoors during the summer months but for breeds you can do on dog friendly holiday cottages.

Extreme Temperatures:

Sudden exposure to extreme temperatures is not healthy for dogs. Excessive cold causes the body heat to drop because there’s little insulation for their tiny bodies or surface space. The suggestion is to avoid going outside when the temperatures are elevated or excessively decreased because the extremes can prove fatal for a dog of this size. Find out how large dogs’ health differs by clicking this link.

If you notice that your dog is growing tired or is fatigued, all play activity or walking needs to be stopped. You should pick the dog up and carry him inside to lie down. Try to avoid letting puppy jump from high places and carefully watch so that there are no falls. If your home has slippery floors or surfaces, it’s essential to restrict access to those areas or cover them with suitable coverings.

Final Thought

A little dog is probably one of the most precious sights you’ll ever see. It’s a challenge not to fall in love with every pup you see. But the reality of the situation is you have to take into consideration your own lifestyle limitations and the capacity you have for the animal. 

While a teacup of anything is adorable to look at, he will anticipate care in the way he needs to be cared for, and he’ll expect you to know all that implies. It might be a tiny little dog, but it equates to a big job. Trust and believe from someone who fell in love with two little wonders. Separate from the heart and think with your mind before you give a home to an animal for whom you can’t care.

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