Tips on Preventing Wrong-Way Driving

Tips on Preventing Wrong-Way Driving

There are plenty of dangers that are awaiting you on the road. There are tens of thousands of cases when people are driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Also, there’s a lot of feeble-minded drivers who use their phones in the car, which has catastrophic results. These are all terrifying situations on the road, that can happen to you. However, there might be even something worse. Imagine that you are calmly driving, and all of a sudden, you see a driver who is rushing right towards you. Sometimes, you have plenty of time to react and avoid this deadly accident. Unfortunately, 60% of people who have experienced such a situation died. Maybe they could still be alive, had they known what to do in such a case. Below you can find it out, and hopefully, you will never need to use these methods to stay alive.

Anticipate What Can Happen

As we’ve said earlier, there’s plenty of dangers on the road. Of course, you can not always predict what’s going to happen; however, you should scan the way all the time. Do that, but don’t look only at your lane. You should try to pay attention to the entire width of the road. If you do that often enough, you greatly increase your chance of spotting an unwise driver. And if you notice them earlier, you have more time to react. In such situations, every second matter. That’s why you should make this behavior your habit.

Stay On the Right Lane

According to an auto accident attorney in Las Vegas, the majority of wrong-way accidents happen when drivers are in the left lane. It happens because the driver who comes from the opposite direction believes that he is on the right side of the road. Remember that the primary purpose of the left lane is to overtake the drivers who are slower than you. Once you do that, make sure to always go to the right lane as soon as possible.

Minimize the Number of Distractions

It’s obvious that you should never use the phone when you are driving. If you have to talk, do that, but use a hands-free system. You will have only a second to avoid the crash, so your hands have to be ready for immediate action. Besides, don’t eat, drink, smoke cigarettes, or do anything that might slow down your reaction time. If you feel a need to do one of the above things, it’s better to simply pull over in the next parking spot, and do what you have to do at that time.

Stay Cautious Especially at Nights and Weekends

Most of the time, wrong-way accidents happen during that time. It’s not hard to overlook a sign when it’s dark all around. After all, we are humans, and it’s impossible not to make mistakes. Obviously, it’s also a time when most alcohol-impaired drivers decide to drive. That’s why you should stay extremely cautious at nights and weekends.

Call the Police

If you somehow managed to avoid the collision with the wrong-way driver, make sure to stop whenever you can and call the police. Provide them with exact details of where it happened, and what direction the wrong-way driver chose. You might have been lucky, but other people who are behind you are exposed to the danger now, and if you react fast, you might be able to save some innocent people. Don’t ever forget about this step, because people tend to insult the wrong-way driver, and once they vent, they keep on driving. It’s a big mistake. Don’t make any excuses, and don’t hope that another driver will call the cops. You should do it, no matter what.

Be Noticed

If there’s no possibility to avoid the collision, react as fast as possible. Honk and use your high beam lights in order to signalize the other driver that something is wrong. Do it as soon as you see that the wrong-way driver is rushing towards you. If you can’t get out of the way, turn your vehicle sideways. In such a situation, you obviously won’t decrease the chance of injuries, but you improve the odds of surviving.

Wrong-way driving is a relatively low percentage of all car accidents. Unfortunately, such crashes are very nasty, and the majority of people die in them. Pray that such a situation never happens to you, but if it does, make sure to do things, which we covered in this article. They might save your life.

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