Tips To Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

A cluttered office makes the workplace have a chaotic and stressful look and feel. Working in such an environment not only takes a toll on how effective work is done but lowers productivity as well.

That said, striving to keep the office environment clean goes a long way in improving both your performance and mood. You may seek to hire professional cleaners like Future Cleaning Services. In addition you and your colleagues can go a long way to making it a pleasant place to work.

Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to declutter as well as keep your office clean.

1. Remove Everything

The key to a clean office starts with cleaning everything within the workplace. This includes the shelves, drawers, and desktop among other items in the office. For a better clean, remove everything from the drawers, desktop, and cabinets, place the content in a neat pile, then wipe the surfaces clean.  Be sure to clean any computer equipment and accessories as well.

2. Assess Each Item

Don’t just toss the items back into their respective shelves and cabinets. Instead, assess each item (and wipe it if possible) to determine whether it’s needed or not. You will be surprised at how many office supplies, sticky notes, folders, and extra pens you have had.

Create three item piles for better organization. Mark the piles ‘keep, archive, and junk’. Keep all the items you use regularly in the ‘keep’ pile. This can be files, documents, and other office stationery. Any important documents and other pieces of information should be kept in the ‘archive’ pile. These are the documents that you don’t need to access every day. You can even go a step farther by sub-dividing the ‘archive’ pile into yearly storage and long-term storage. The ‘junk’ pile should contain items you no longer need/use. These can either be tossed in the dustbin or donated to charities.

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3. Rearrange The Office Space

Some office setups get cluttered much faster than others.  If this is the case, analyze the office setup then consider changing the entire setup. Sometimes all you need is create a flowing setup to minimize clutter. Be sure to keep only the items you use daily on the desk, and rarely used items in shelves and drawers.

4. Make Use Of Shelf Dividers

If you have a tendency of tossing everything in drawers and leaving them scattered, you should then consider using dividers. Dividers help keep small office accessories and items organized, separated, and easy to find. Drawer and shelf dividers should help keep the office organized. Choose where and how you keep other items in the office wisely. For instance, keep reference materials, manuals, binders, and other forms of paperwork in hanging shelves.

5. Keep Items In Their Respective Spots/Places

Always try to keep the office as neat as possible. One way to ensure this is by making it a habit of keeping everything in its respective place. Either it’s the sticky pad, pencil, or the files, keep them where they should be for easy reach.

6. Clean Every Day

With the office clean and decline, strive to keep it as it is.  Ensure everything is in its designated space before leaving the office. File all papers, return binders to bookshelves, and put pens in their holders. Wipe and disinfect the desk in readiness for the next day.

These are just but simple tips to help improve productivity by keeping the office space clutter-free. Keeping your desk clean might also inspire your coworkers to clean theirs as well. If managing the company, you can choose to hire a professional janitor to help get the work done fast and professionally. Professional janitors help keep your office space clean and well organized. Their cleaning schedule is away from your office needs and schedules, hence no time wastage.

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