Tips to Outvie Your Flower Game for the Next Event

Tips to Outvie Your Flower Game for the Next Event

Just when you thought the flower arrangement is going to be a bed of roses, choosing the right flowers for the event adds a pinch of salt in your way. Nonetheless, of your plans with flowers, to decorate the venue, or you just want them in the damn bouquet of your bride, pinning on the right flowers for the event is high and mighty.

Flowers provide us with a wide choice to choose from, pitching in various factors to consider when picking them for any occasion. Considering your flower game depending on the occasion and its motive is important. There’s no surprise that we have different colors and different flowers for every occasion but matching them with the client’s preferences holds the essence of the task.

In short, all you need is to catch hold of is a straw in the wind and understand the basics of your flower game. Stick till the end, and you will definitely have all the pieces together, ready to outvie your flower game in the next event.

Let’s Get Started…

Before you plan on arrangements of your flowers, get yourself clear with the three W’s of your flower game, What is it for, Who is it for, and where is it for.

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What is it for?

Just like your dress differs, when attending a wedding to attending a funeral, your selection of flowers for the different occasions also matters. The “What” refers to what type of occasion you’re planning, a birthday, wedding, graduation ceremony, baby shower, funeral, and so on.

Be it weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, or launch events; you can go for the enchanting and luxurious flowers that add an essence of fragrance and grabs attention for photoshoots. Some suggestions could be cherry blossoms, bells of Ireland, Bouvardia, Delphinium, chrysanthemums, Gladioli, dusty millers, daisies, holly, and sympathy events tranquil flowers like lilies, roses, and carnation would do.

Who is it for?

The very next facet you need to consider before flower delivery is who the event is for. Definitely, the preferences of the flowers will differ when considered from who is under the spotlight’s perspective.

Coming to who the flowers are for, as a baby girl, bride, valentine, wife, or mother, here are few suggestions you can consider. For little ones, you can go for radiant and little-to-no-fragrance flowers like dahlias, scarlet trumpets, and so on. Your valentine or the bride would always prefer Prix roses, cosmos, pansies, morning glories, etc.

Where is it for?

This could sound off the rocker, but you also have to make sure to choose the flowers depending on their use and arrangement. Not all flowers are for bouquets, and also neither are all of them for decoration. If you can understand what goes in hand and what goes on the wall and where exactly, you’ve hit the bull’s eye!

The blooms like ranunculuses, blue irises, anemones, hydrangeas are vase-worthy on the tables, and wisteria flowers are always a go-to for wall mounting in any kind of event while the pale roses and sprayed roses can give the walls an ombre effect.

Let’s hope all your upcoming events are all bed of roses with the help of these tips.

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