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Tips & Tricks to Get More Sales on eCommerce Platforms

Tips & Tricks to Get More Sales on eCommerce Platforms

You would want to make sure that your eCommerce store is bringing in plenty of sales and that means that you might need to use some of the best tricks and tips. However, you should make sure that you are aware of what these are so that you can use them, including adding extra information to the receipts that are sent. Here are a few more of the best methods you can start to use to see more revenue and sales from your online business.

Using the Receipt

Everyone likes to get a receipt in their email after they have completed a sale, but it doesn’t need to just be that. There are plenty of ways that you can use this to increase your sales, including:

  • Adding recommendations –

You should think about adding some recommendations on the email about what they can purchase based on what they bought from you. This will let them know what else you offer and that you are thinking about their needs.

  • Discount codes –

Also, think about offering them some discount codes that can only be received from the receipt. This would give them an incentive to come back and purchase from your store again, which would make them more likely to become consistent customers.

Think about these and ensure that you are optimizing the receipts that are being sent out to all of your customers to help you increase your business.

Wishlist Sales

Everyone loves to create a wishlist for the items that they want to purchase, but don’t have the funds for at the moment. However, you should make sure that you are keeping track of this and having automatic emails sent out when there are sales. You can also do the same thing if an item that they have in their cart or on this list is going to be going out of stock soon, so why not let them know in advance?

Highlight Sales

Most of the eCommerce sites can be extremely busy, which is why sometimes customers don’t always see the deals that are being offered. You should ensure that you are highlighting them so that they aren’t missing them, but in ways that they can’t be missed. Some ways to do this are:

  • Pop-ups –

You can promote the special deals that you have going on with pop-ups, which is definitely something that nobody can ignore. They should be easy to read and can be closed or show up on the side of the page without blocking any other information.

  • Information bar –

There is also another way that you can do this and that is by using your information bar, which is at the top of the website. You can easily display what deals are ongoing by this method and using a different color text to help it stand out even more so that they won’t be able to miss a single thing.

Sales are a great way to bring in more customers, so make sure that you are letting them know when they are going on and that you are highlighting them so they aren’t missed. Everyone loves sales, so make sure that they know they are happening and what is included.

Cart Related Reminders

Also, if there are some customers who have added some items to their cart, but haven’t checked out or paid, then you should make sure that you are sending reminders. Make sure that you are sending out more than a single email since often the mails can get missed or the budgets can’t fit any purchase. The more that you remind them that they wanted to purchase something, then the more likely it is that they are going to come back and actually buy it.


Another way that you can get more sales is by the use of videos of your products. If there are products that might be confusing, then you should make videos of them being used and this is a great way to help increase the sales. This would let the customers know that you are serious about the items and services that you are selling and can help them to decide if the product is what they are looking for. You don’t need to have one for all of the products that you are selling, especially if you have a small budget, but that isn’t always needed.

One should always think about how they can get more sales when it comes to ecommerce SEO Services and if you know how you can grow search traffic, then you are going to see more revenue. You should make sure that you are using videos for various products to showcase them and that you are highlighting the sales. Also, ensure that you are reminding the customers that they have items in the cart and sending them special deals and discount codes in their receipts.

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