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Ease of charging, distance travelled on one charge and saving money are the top considerations for drivers when it comes to buying an electric car, according to new research.

In a survey of 2,000 UK drivers, commissioned by, four-fifths of drivers answered what would make them more likely to buy an electric car, leaving a fifth that would not buy an electric vehicle (EV) in any circumstance.

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The most important EV buying factor, according to almost half (46%), is the ability to quickly charge the car at home and in doing so not make a large dent in their electricity bill. This was followed by the need to have a national charging infrastructure in place (43%).

Top 10 factors that would make UK drivers buy an electric car

  1. If I can charge the car at home quickly and it’s not expensive for my electricity bill – 46%
  2. If the charging infrastructure is in place nationally – 43%
  3. If I could travel at least 100 miles on a single charge – 38%
  4. If I can save money because of its lower running and maintenance costs – 38%
  5. If I can trust the technology – 33%
  6. If the government offered a grant to those buying an electric vehicle -33%
  7. If taxes were cheaper for those with an electric vehicle – 28%
  8. If I trusted the government would not make electric vehicles more expensive in the future -23%
  9. If I knew I was contributing to helping the environment – 16%
  10. If I could use priority lanes in congested areas – 10%

“As UK ownership of electric cars grows it’s interesting to see what is holding people back from embracing this new, cleaner technology,” said Ben Wooltorton of

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“This survey shows that clearly there’s still a lot of hesitation when it comes to buying an electric car and until car manufacturers can improve their driving range; the national charging infrastructure is in place; and people feel they can trust the technology the sector will remain a slow burner, which still only represents about 6% of the latest 2019 registrations.”


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