Top 3 Shopify Plus Alternatives in 2021 that you should look out before Migration

Top 3 Shopify Plus Alternatives in 2021 that you should look out before Migration

Shopify Plus is a renowned eCommerce platform powering nearly a million online stores. However, just being famous does not make a platform ideal for your business. Various Shopify Plus cons make it infeasible for a company to continue with Shopify. There are many reasons for which companies make a switch from Shopify Plus, including lack of sufficient control over site SEO or unsatisfactory customization options, or substantial mounted bills.   

Anyhow, whether you are willing to migrate from Shopify Plus or even looking just to start your online venture, the following write-up might help. We have listed the top 3 Shopify Plus alternatives that you must know of before investing. Let us take a look.  


Established in 2015, BetterCommerce is the top Shopify Plus alternative gaining rapid attention from people in business. It is a growing headless eCommerce solution for small to enterprise-level companies who desire to launch, develop and flourish in the web world. With BetterCommerce, you get a trusted eCommerce platform for your online business, plus a team of specialists behind the screen to help and guide you throughout.  

BetterCommerce is an omnichannel headless eCommerce platform that enables businesses to become efficient and generate maximum revenue. It delivers unmatchable execution across change implementation and functionality. BetterCommerce offers features that help you easily manage functions like sales, purchasing, logistics, marketing, merchandising, operations, inventory, and customer experience such that maximum sales and ultimate customer satisfaction are achieved.  

BetterCommerce is better than Shopify or any other eCommerce platform as it offers excellent features as standard, which otherwise its competitors offer as paid or advanced features. Some of the features provided include Omnichannel AI-Driven, B2B Capabilities, Headless, Private Cloud, Global Commerce, etc.  

Here are Some More Noteworthy Features of BetterCommerce you must know about! 

Using BetterCommerce, you can integrate with your present systems in no time. Once running, you get self-service capacities with minimum to no dependencies on developers. A set of comprehensive tools allows you to manage your business all by yourself with utmost ease. When speaking of security, BetterCommerce leaves no stone unturned. It comes with a secure back end that removes all the associated risks allowing you to concentrate on the expansion and growth of your business. The security features of BetterCommerce do not depend on third-party bolt-one. Instead, they are all contained within the eCommerce platform itself. 

Another remarkable feature of BetterCommerce architecture is its simplicity and the availability within one user account, rather than a separate account for every currency like Shopify. This helps you keep all your web stores in sync and pay more attention to marketing strategies. 

With BetterCommerce, you need not start big; it is designed to grow eventually as and when your business scales up. With promotional capabilities and advanced marketing capacities, you get to monitor your audience conversion closely. As and when you require more power, the cloud-based architecture offers seamless scalability. Therefore, it helps your ongoing business to grow and thrive. 

Some added Benefits of BetterCommerce are: 

  • It is developed with a 100% API-first philosophy. 
  • One centralized hub lets you run plenty of domains. 
  • It is multi-currency, multi-lingual, and allows region-specific price listing.  
  • It is based on complete API architecture. 
  • It is a cost-effective eCommerce platform with no hidden costs. 
  • Easily customizable opportunities. 
  • It offers eased-out payment options. 


The second Shopify Plus alternative to make to the list is BigCommerce.  

Established in 2009, BigCommerce is an open Saas (software as a service) and flexible eCommerce platform that allows companies of all capacities to grow and scale their online venture. BigCommerce is an ideal hosted solution that runs on self-servers. Therefore, you need not install anything or buy web hosting to use on your system. As long as you have a good internet connection with a web browser, you can manage and build a web store anywhere, anytime.  

BigCommers is apt for users who are not highly skilled with web designing. But it also lets developers and tech-savvy users tweak the CSS and HTML to take things further by themselves. BigCommerce is one of the most established eCommerce platforms with big names like SkullCandy, Ben and Jerry’s, SuperDry, etc., as clients. It features over 60,000 customers and more than 820 employees working dedicatedly to deliver customer satisfaction.  

Some added benefits of BigCommerce are: 

  • BigCommerce comes with no installation requirement and offers plenty of inbuilt sales features. 
  • BigCommerce can accommodate nearly 600 variations for every product. 
  • There is no transaction fee required for any plan, and there are 55 payment gateways available for use. 
  • Using BigCommerce does not demand any coding knowledge. 
  • 24*7 customer support is available with a record of nearly 85% of issues being resolved on the first call. 
  • Robust features with every paid plan 
  • A grand ecosystem of technology agency partners 
  • It offers extensive SEO capabilities like completely customizable URLs. 


Another Shopify Plus alternative gaining attention lately, is Demandware. Launched in 2004, it is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that has become the preferred choice of several well-known brands, namely GoPro, Lancome, Adidas, Loreal, UGG, etc., up to millions of pounds every single month.  

Demandware has some unique features through which it allows its partners to launch, design, market, and manage their website using the tools of Demandware with utmost ease. The management of the website is based on advanced tools which work like a backbone powering the website.  

A key benefit of Demandware is that it is a cloud-based eCommerce platform. A cloud-based platform means your business has no size limitations. With market and seasonal fluctuations, it changes and scales up and down. Your business can quickly scale up and down without bothering about sufficient capacity. In-built failure recovery solutions offer peace of mind to business partners that their online store would not suffer downfall at the time of peak traffic seasons.  

There is much more to Demandware. It can be upgraded eight times a year. Each of its upgrades brings along new enhancements and features. Every upgrade is seamless as the system is cloud-based. You can bid goodbye to messy upgrades and lengthy processes.  

Some extended benefits and features of Demandware are: 

  • Demandware is renowned amidst brands, retailers and is highly valued by B2C business ventures. This excellent Shopify Plus alternative features a good UI and can be quickly deployed.  
  • Demandware has been an evolving platform with about 240 clients by the end of the year 2013.  
  • Easy to manage UI lets teams focus on online business trading while the availability and platform are taken care of by Demandware.  
  • Since Demandware is cloud-based software, scalability results are incredible. It supports mobile web and microsites with updates posing a minute impact on the system.  


Conclusively, there are much better choices available in the market when choosing a superior Shopify Plus alternative. The above three are the show stealers. Selecting the one that suits your business best can be determined by setting your priorities straight. So, list down your requirements, evaluate your business demands, decide a budget and research for the platform that suits your venture the best. 

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