Top 5 occasions you might need to hire a generator

you might need to hire a generator
illustration of different kind of industrial and home power generators

Not every event can be held in a convenient location to allow access to the national power grid. It’s going to be essential, however, for you to have access to power. This is why generators are a must for so many situations – you don’t need to worry about being close to the power, the power is brought straight to you.

Generators are also useful even when you do have access to the power grid because they can act as a backup and a failsafe in the event of a power cut – they can also provide auxiliary power if you find your power needs become higher than you anticipated.

Here are the top five occasions you might need to consider generator hire.

1. Sporting events

Certain sporting events have very specific requirements in terms of where they can be held. You might need wide open space to act as a pitch and to accommodate any supporters who will be arriving. Sporting events require power, however, for a number of different things.

Whether it be electronic scoreboards, PA systems, lighting rigs, catering tents, or any number of other facilities, it’s a certainty that your sporting event will need power. Hiring a generator will allow you to hold the sporting event in the right location, without having to worry about power.

2. Festivals

A festival is usually held in a large space where attendees will have plenty of room to watch the performances. This means wide open fields and countryside – not the typical location you would think of when you’ve got to think about easy access to the power grid.

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Generators will allow you to power lighting, security systems, catering and toilet facilities. They will also be able to make sure that any performances at your festival can be properly amplified, by powering the microphones and PA system. The number of generators you’ll need will be determined by the size of the festival.

3. Outdoor events

Outdoor events can take a number of guises. Things like farm shows, truck shows, classic car shows, country shows – any number of events where a large group of people are going to congregate will require reliable and consistent power supplies.

Generators will make sure that everything is powered properly. Often events will have a number of different stands, stalls, and displays for visitors to explore – ensuring they have access to consistent power is essential for a successful event. Consider the power needs of your outdoor event as far in advance as possible.

4. Weddings

More and more people are looking to create an impact with their wedding receptions – which means more people are trying to find the most beautiful and idyllic countryside locations they can. The issue is, of course, is that few of them provide access to power.

Hiring generators for your wedding means that you can easily meet the power requirements of any catering provisions you have made. You can have heat and lighting if your after-party is going to go on into the night. Similarly, if you have any entertainment booked such as a DJ or photo booth for your guests, they will have access to the necessary power.

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5. Construction sites

Many construction sites need to be located outside the reach of traditional utilities, which makes them a common location for generators. Remember also that you should consider backup generators, as well as primary generators to ensure you have a failsafe.

Obvious power requirements of a construction site will be the operation of any powered tools; however, you also need to consider the administration office that will be on site. A generator will also be able to power a canteen, as well as to provide proper heating and lighting where necessary.

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