Top 5 Ways to Boost Office Morale

Boost Office Morale

Employees who are happy at work are, as most recruitment agencies will advocate, more likely to stay with an employer, just as they are to be more productive in what they do. As an employer with a happy workforce, you are also a more interesting prospect to potential new employees too. Boosting and maintaining positive and happy office morale is not as hard as you think, although it does take effort and a bit of thought.

Celebrate staff achievements

Jane in accounts has just successfully completed another module of her financial course and Jimmy in the technical department is enjoying the glow of fantastic customer feedback. Celebrating staff achievements goes a long way in showing people how valued they are but also how valued their ambitions and development are too.

Celebrating them properly isn’t always about popping champagne corks or hosting a party. It can be a list of achievements people have made that month in a round-robin email. It can be a card from the CEO thanking them for everything they do, or it can be a mention in the Christmas office party speech celebrating the year that has been and toasting the year to come.

Offer social perks and benefits

A team that plays together tends to stay together. Forming bonds and friendships is no bad thing in the workplace because it is, after all, the thing that pulls people together at the time when it is needed most.

There are all kinds of ways you can boost office morale with social perks and benefits. Aside from arranging your own, there are paid-into employee perks programs that are gathering momentum in popularity.

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For example, there are some that are goals orientated and when a team member meets this goal, a perk is released. It could be tickets to the local cinema, money off coupons for meals and so on. It is also possible to build team perks too that the whole team can partake in at some point in the future.

Personal development opportunities

The modern workplace is certainly different from that of old. A forward-thinking, ambitious business will not stifle staff creativity but welcome it. It won’t be suspicious of someone wanting to pursue a certain project as undermining the business but welcome it as a learning opportunity.

More and more companies are granting time in the working week for staff to pursue personal projects. For example, from 1 pm on a Thursday until 5 pm, encourage your office staff to pursue something that they enjoy. You can set boundaries; it has to be work-related or they have to remain onsite,  but shaking things up with a change in routine can be beneficial to morale.

Charitable work

The best morale boost can be a chance to get away from the office and do something different but before you book paintballing for Friday morning, consider something different: charity work on a team basis.

Choose a local charity to work with and have time away from the office giving something back to your community.

Have fun!

From ugly sweater day to golf outings, laughing together is the tonic your hard-working team need. It builds bridges, and repairs them, as well as being a source of amusement until the next fun thing comes along.

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