Top 7 Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for 2021

The ideal mobile app is a multifunctional, simple and convenient solution. It takes less time to create it than for a full-fledged website. Although today’s achievements in development confirm that mobile devices are no worse either in terms of convenience or in terms of performing functions. If you are ready to start creating them, then you need to think about many things. These are an application development environment, a set of tools, helper programs and where to get information from.

If you do not want to get bogged down in the intricacies of development, but prefer ready-made solutions, then your way out is the designer. Today there are more and more of them, so it’s not difficult to do something standard and simple for mobile traffic.

Recently, most of the Internet users were tied to personal computers and laptops. So all companies and firms tried to create regular web sites to popularize and promote their business.

Now, when almost all of us have switched to smartphones, entrepreneurs have a new opportunity to increase their earning. For this they have to use platform mobile development.

Developers can create suitable programs depending on the operating system of the mobile device. If it is written for one specific platform, then the application is considered native. If the application can run on different operating systems, it is cross-platform. For game environment design there are many popular variants.

Top 7 Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for 2021


This is mobile development tools not for beginners as it requires minimal knowledge of C #. Of the pros – it is suitable for applications like Android or iOS, and also contains useful internal metrics for tracking user behavior.

jQuery Mobile

If you want an interactive, cross-platform and responsive application then jQuery is your solution. A huge number of modules will allow you to make any idea of ​​any complexity come truth. Also it’s a variety of new products from the community (the advantage of open source) is an ideal field for creativity.

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Android Studio

A comprehensive cross-platform environment for developing Android applications. In addition to tools for the app itself, you can count on a full set of useful things from Google (Analytics, integration with cloud storage, etc.).


It’s quite good, average in functionality platform. It’s used for developing mobile applications. it is suitable for solutions of medium and small businesses in the field of catering, entertainment, etc.


For those who need a cross-platform and flexible solution. The company calls its main advantage the speed of application creation and, given the acceptable quality of the output, it is so. Very well suited for working out the back end.

Bizness Apps

There is a division according to the specifics of the business, but only for small and already developed segments. If you are “on the list”, you can count on templates with all the necessary tools for further optimization. Suitable for Android and iOS.

Dojo mobile

For those familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Look forward to the number of widgets, ready-made themes, and cross-platform.

The Main Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform solutions have a number of advantages in game development studio. They include versatility, acceleration of the development process, and low costs. If you have your own business and want to acquire your own mobile service, you need to create a product for different platforms. In such a way you can reach the largest possible audience of existing and potential customers.

It is expensive and time-consuming to create a native application for each OS. Although such programs are much better adapted to work and demonstrate excellent performance. But they work only on one platform.

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The cross-platform allows you to create one application for all platforms. Its development time and cost will be much less compared to creating several versions of programs for different operating systems at once. Thus, the time to market is accelerated, which is important for the development of any business.

Features of Developing Cross-Platform Services

Considering the versatility and other important advantages of cross-platform solutions, an opinion may be formed about the ideality of this approach to creating applications. And the need to send native developments to the dustbin of history. Yes, indeed cross-platform products are quite convenient. But they can have loading and performance problems.

Therefore, a programmer must have considerable experience and high qualifications in order to neutralize all possible problems. They provide the customer with reliable application with excellent performance, good interface and excellent usability.

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