Top Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

What Makes Bitcoin Casinos So Great?

The most used digital currency Bitcoin has been around since 2008. Bitcoin was invented by a group of people or one person whose identity is still unknown. While invented in 2008, Bitcoin was not in use until one year later when the very first Bitcoin open-source software was released. Bitcoin is one of the biggest inventions of modern time that fueled the introduction of numerous other digital currencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on cryptography instead of central authorities. This means that Bitcoin operates independently from any government or financial institution and the same is true for other cryptocurrencies.

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has undergone numerous changes and tremendous growth. From the middle 2010s, numerous companies and businesses started accepting cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in addition to fiat currencies. Since the middle 2010s, many online casinos operational also started accepting Bitcoin as one of their supported payment options. With numerous online gaming opportunities, players who want to make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin can do so hassle-free and safely at any time.

Bitcoin Online Casinos

At the moment, there are no laws and regulations in place that forbid online casino players from using this digital currency. There are no laws in place that forbid iGaming operators from processing Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals but there is also no specific regulatory framework that would regulate the Bitcoin iGaming industry. In other words, using Bitcoin to gamble online is neither prohibited nor allowed. Different iGaming authorities have different rules and regulations in place. Some support Bitcoin online casinos while others do not.

Fortunately, players have a great selection of reputable, reliable, and trustworthy Bitcoin online casinos to choose from especially if they reside in the United Kingdom. This review of the best bitcoin casinos in the UK as presented by gives you all the information you need to get started your Bitcoin online gaming sessions the right way. The guide lists all alternative payment options Bitcoin online casinos in the UK accept alongside their rewarding bonuses and promotions, and much more.

The most popular decentralized currency in the world and the online casino gaming industry has come a long way since its beginnings. Today, the EU is most certainly at the forefront of the whole digital currency movement. Even without clear regulation in place that would regulate Bitcoin and other digital currencies activities concerning online casinos, in most European countries using Bitcoin to gamble online is widely accepted.

Of course, there are some countries where using Bitcoin and digital currencies, in general, is prohibited but at the same time, crypto exchanges operate legally. At the same time, several countries like El Salvador have gone a step further and accepted Bitcoin as a fully legal currency alongside its native currency. In the United Kingdom, enjoying online gaming sessions with Bitcoin is perfectly fine even though there are strict rules and regulations in place.

At the time of writing this, the current Bitcoin price is around $41,000 per BTC as listed here. As estimated in September 2021, there are over 56 million Bitcoin users in the world. According to the latest reports, there are over 100 million users of cryptocurrencies so it is quite obvious that more than 50% of cryptocurrency users prefer Bitcoin over other options such as Ethereum and Litecoin. This leads us to major advantages of joining Bitcoin online casinos.

The Biggest Benefits of Playing at Bitcoin Online Casinos

  1. Safety and security
  2. Transparency and fairness
  3. Affordability and convenience
  4. Excellent game variety
  5. Anonymity

There are numerous benefits related to gambling at a Bitcoin online casino and one of the biggest is most certainly safety and security. As you know, registering and making a deposit at a standard online casino requires providing your personal information including your banking details. To make deposits and withdrawals, you need to provide your credit or debit card info and this may be risky. At Bitcoin online casinos, security and safety always come first.

The best Bitcoin online casinos operating in the industry employ top-notch security measures thanks to which every single personal information you share is safeguarded. When using standard payment options, experienced cybercriminals may get ahold of your private information while with Bitcoin, the chance of this happening is slim to none.

This leads us to another major benefit of playing at a Bitcoin online casino and that is greater transparency and fairness. It is not a secret that standard iGaming venues rely on using marketing tricks to attract more customers and these may include obscure promotions. Unlike these iGaming venues, Bitcoin online casinos are generally more transparent and they rarely hide any important information. Bitcoin online casinos also promote fairness so you will rarely come across a Bitcoin online casino that scams players.

If you are looking for the most convenient and affordable way to play your favorite online casino games, Bitcoin online casinos are the best option. Thanks to Bitcoin online casinos, players across the globe can easily access all of their favorite casino games and enjoy the highest-quality iGaming experience alongside all the other perks and benefits those standard online casinos offer. Playing at Bitcoin online casinos is also more affordable, although the volatile nature of the currency can cause problems.

In most cases, there are no deposit and withdrawal commission fees attached. Deposits are always processed instantly and, in most cases, you receive your winnings within twenty-four hours. If withdrawal processing fees apply, they are usually lower when compared to withdrawal processing fees that apply when gaming at a standard online casino. The best Bitcoin online casinos also have extremely rich gaming portfolios. Therefore, you get to play:

  • Video slots
  • Instant-win games
  • Classic table games
  • Progressive jackpot games
  • Video poker

Some of the games offered by Bitcoin online casinos feature extremely high payout rates of 99% and this Return to Player rate is much higher in online casinos supporting Bitcoin than in standard online casinos. Online casino players who prefer staying anonymous when gambling online always prefer Bitcoin online casinos over standard gaming options since these casinos come with a rather minimum identity and age verification requirements.

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