Top Benefits of eLearning for HR and your Organization

eLearning has helped multiple domains – improving processes, reducing costs, facilitating better learning, and expanding the skill sets of professionals. eLearning has created a system that has not only helped people who want to learn but those who wish to share their knowledge. 

Human Resources (HR) is a department that has seen several changes and innovations in recent years. The HR department is responsible for bridging the gap between the employees and the management. The management has to come up with different changes to meet the market needs, and Human Resource Management is responsible for conveying this to the employees. Training and skill development is a necessary step towards implementing these changes, but most organizations fail in doing so. eLearning proves to be a game-changer in helping the HRM in bridging these gaps. These changes need to be implemented at an individual level, for them to reflect at the organizational level. 

There are several ways in which eLearning can benefit HR and HRM, like onboarding solutions, hard skills, and soft skills. Hard skills here mean strategies, policies, structures, procedures, etc. whereas soft skills refer to the employee mindset, approach, communication, trust, confidence, etc.

Consider this example – an organization decided to use a world-class eLearning solution to train the salespeople for increasing the sales. But, the results were not very satisfying. The management then decided to run a survey to determine the mentality of the salespeople. It was seen that the salespeople were not motivated to convince elderly shoppers and were more interested in a digital approach to satisfy the buyers. The digital way worked for the younger generation, but the older generation is not tech-savvy. The challenge was now to make the salespeople change their outlook towards convincing the elder audience. 

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Below are a few ways in which eLearning can help organizations and HR professionals.

  1. Know the mentality – Before you think of enhancing the skills of the employees, you need to make sure that they are convinced that a gap exists. If the employees are not willing to fully engage in the training, it is of no use then. 
  2. Provide relevant eLearning content – Once you find any gaps, it is time to adjust your learning material to fills those gaps. Encourage senior and skilled employees to help new employees realize their setbacks. 
  3. Begin with the leaders – For the change to reflect within a team, begin with the team leaders. A change can quickly spread like a virus from leaders to fellow team members. 
  4. Continuous Education – Learning is a lifelong process. The way people were managed ten years ago is entirely different from the current times. The new generation has taken over the workplace and has a different mindset towards their job. HR professionals can also benefit from eLearning courses so that they keep up with the pace of the current market. 
  5. Measuring the impact – eLearning is a complete package that takes care of your learning needs and helps to analyze its effects. It also makes sure that the content is relevant and suggests newer courses (if needed). 
  6. eLearning for small businesses – Small businesses usually lack a designated HR professional, and the responsibility of hiring people is on the shoulder of the owner and the management. eLearning courses for business professionals that teach them the basics of HRM like finding the profiles, approaching, and hiring the right candidate are beneficial. 
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Final Words

Needless to say that eLearning has already started impacting various sectors of businesses and have created ample learning opportunities for all the departments, HR and HRM being one of them. eLearning ensures a transformative quality (of hard and soft skills) within the leaders and workers.


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