Top Five Benefits Of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Top Five Benefits Of Electrolysis Hair Removal – Reasons It Outshine All Other Options

Even though there are endless options for removing unwanted hair from the skin, it’s vital to acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all procedure that suits everyone. For instance, while laser hair removal is a long-lasting option that can treat large areas at once, it’s not ideal for every hair or skin type, typically working great for people with dark hair and light skin. This means laser hair removal is ineffective for persons with light, grey, fair, red, or fine hair. 

Having been around for 150+ years, the electrolysis hair removal treatment has been widely recognised as the fastest, safest, and permanent hair removal solution for everyone. This ground-breaking method has been approved by the FDA for removing unwanted hair from the body and face. The treatment is applied by inserting a fine needle-like electrode into the hair follicle’s opening and administering a small electric current into the area to kill the living part of the follicle. 

The process aims to destroy both the living part of the follicle, known as the bulb, and the portion containing capillaries, known as the papilla, thus cutting the supply of blood to the hair’s growth cell. As a permanent solution to hair removal, this treatment outshines all other methods in terms of advantages. The following are five key benefits of electrolysis hair removal.

Top 5 Captivating Advantages of Electrolysis Hair Removal Solution

1. It’s a Relatively Natural Procedure

What sets this hair removal method apart from the rest is that it’s fairly natural. It involves using natural saline and water to kill the hair follicle deep in the skin. Unlike other methods like laser hair removal that may burn the skin and cause pain or irritation, electrolysis has no such risks, because the process doesn’t use light.

2. It’s FDA Approved and Globally Recognised  

Electrolysis as a method of hair removal has a stronger and more consistent track record than all other related hair removal procedures. The FDA and the American Medical Association consider this procedure as the only permanent method of getting rid of unwanted hair from the body and face. In fact, those selling the electric tweezers have been prohibited from marketing them as permanent hair removal.

3. It’s Effective for All Hair Types and Skin colours 

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that’s proven to be effective on every hair type and skin colour. With this procedure, each hair is treated separately, making it effective even for people with dark skin and hair, especially those of us of African descent. Even more important is that electrolysis has no limitation and works for everyone regardless of the direction of the hair follicle. This method can be used to treat a small or large area on men and women. 

4. It’s Painless 

There’s a common misconception that electrolysis is painful. This method involves the use of an extremely thin needle to inject a tiny electric current into the hair follicle. Also, the treatment can only be performed by a professional electrologist who does it with absolute care to avoid hurting the injected spot and the surrounding skin. As such, it’s a pleasant process that’s devoid of any pain or harmful side effects even for people with sensitive skin.

5. No Ongoing Maintenance Required 

Once you’ve completed a few electrolysis sessions (which vary by skin and hair type), there’s nothing else you’ll need to do to maintain the treated area. Unlike all other hair removal techniques, this one is different in that you’ll achieve permanent results without any input on your part. Like we said earlier, hair removal by electrolysis is the only method that’s recognised by the FDA as permanent. Most other non-permanent techniques will often require you to do a few things here and there to maintain the area and achieve the desired results.

And more importantly, electrolysis hair removal requires little to no after-treatment care. Initially, it’s normal for patients to experience minimal discomfort on the treated area, but this will subside in 2-3 hours following the treatment. After completion of electrolysis treatment, you’re advised to avoid excessive sun exposure for a few days to prevent the likelihood of redness and inflammation on the treated area. You can as well apply some herbal gel on the treated area or use sunscreen to counteract any irritation.

If these benefits of electrolysis hair removal entice you, then perhaps it’s time you tried this hair removal approach and enjoy its full rewards. Call our team at Colaz Beauty Specialists Ealing today and schedule your next professional electrolysis treatment. With our trained, certified, and licensed electrologists, we’re sure to deliver permanent results that will eliminate the need for using temporary hair removal regimens over and over again. 

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