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Top Skills to Master to Crack an Investment Banker Interview

Top Skills to Master to Crack an Investment Banker Interview

Investment banking has turned out as a lucrative career over the years now, and many wish to crack an investment banker interview to add this job profile to their name. It is easy to make out that this job profile can earn you huge bucks, and thus cracking an interview is not as easy as one may think. 

The recruiters are always looking in for traits and characteristics in an aspirant to judge if they fit the job. So if you are someone who is looking out for ways on How to become an investment banker, then here is a quick guide that will help you understand the qualities and traits that one should possess to be an investment banker.

Communication Skills

Hearing the job profile investment banker, being good at numbers is the very first thing that may come to your mind. But apart from being good in calculations and math, you also need to have high-end communication skills because this job requires a lot of communication between the banker, his team, and clients. 

Excellent communication skills can help an investment banker traverse a long way in his professional journey and help keep their clients happy.


Every company has its goals. May it be a small enterprise or a big scale company; the employees are detailed regarding the goals and are forced to adhere to the same for the benefits of the company. So one has the common goals of the company in his/her mind but what recruiters look for is your vision. 

The vision factor does not restrict a person to the company’s objectives but motivates them to think beyond the horizon to step up ahead of the corporate goals. Not just the goals, but a person’s vision can also be seen in other small tasks that he/. She is bestowed with and their ability to see beyond the tasks assigned to them.

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Analytical Thinking

Investment banking is not something wherein you can open your books, study late at night and score good numbers in your exam. But it is a lot more beyond this where you may have to work under pressure and yet absorb a lot of data and concepts on the go to use it for your next piece of work. 

Thus, having analytical thinking is just another art that you need to master to apply complex shreds of information. To be an investment banker, you need to have intellectual curiosity and the ability to absorb data in no time.

Financial Literacy

Yes, analytical skills may be the very first thing that the recruiters may look for, but they expect you to be equally good with numbers. Though they don’t expect you to be a living human calculator but look forward to getting connected with an aspirant who has enough financial literacy knowledge and is confident with numbers.


You might be given a specific eight-hour schedule to be at the office, but at times, workload and working hours can be unpredictable. Your clients may call you up anytime, and if you want to impress them, you should be ready to meet such an emergency. 

Thus a perfect investment banker is someone who knows to change the gears at the right time so things can move ahead smoothly. Although such an instance may not pop up every time, having a flexible approach may keep you counted in the top spot.

Dedication towards Work

An aspirant may be ready to dedicate a significant part of his/ her day for their job, but are you ready to skip on your week offs too? Though this is not something that you may face daily, at times the company may need you, and thus at times, you may have to give up on your social life and weekend perks. 

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A movie or night out cancellation due to work may spoil your mood, but at times you may be required to keep your work above all things. Though this is not a common practice and the job gives you a lot of flexibility, you should be determined enough to keep your work at position one just in case a need arises.


Innovation is not just restricted to the people in the science field; it is everywhere. Thus, it is easy to predict that recruiters are always searching for innovative candidates who can come up with ingenious ideas to implement in the company. 

Thus, it is necessary to work towards your creative side and enhance the same to bring a change in the current process of the bank, proving yourself to be no less than an asset for the company.


Leadership is just another quality that recruiters look for to judge your ability to take your team towards success, earning laurels for the company. Hence, having experience in the field or demonstrating any previous experience as a team leader just in case you have any will help you move a step ahead towards cracking investment banker interviews.


You cannot always walk like an angry young man while being an investment banker; instead, you need to be empathetic in your approach. Your esteemed clients should be able to place their trust in you while figuring out a problem. 

So try to put yourself in others’ shoes and be empathetic towards them to cross all the barriers that refrain you from stepping towards success.

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Investment banking is an exciting career, but at times it can be more than a ten to six gig, and thus you need to be geared up at all times to encounter such a situation where the company may demand more from you. 

We hope we have covered a major number of traits that should be possessed by an investment banker. So do you have all the traits that it needs to be a perfect investment banker? If ‘no,’ do check out this guide again and polish your skills to get into this exciting career.

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