Top Tourist Attractions in Southern India

Southern India is a beautiful and very exotic location for people to visit, showcasing Indian culture in full. There are numerous destinations in Southern India which makes it an attractive and enjoyable spot. It is vital to check out all of the different options to find what works for you, and there are places which tourists can visit that are exceptionally beautiful. 

So, grab your suitcase and some appropriate clothing for the weather, because we’re going to wade headfirst into the options you’ve got when it comes to Southern India. Hopefully, you’ll come away with a renewed appreciation for what the area has to offer and maybe even get inspired to travel yourself. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Southern India


So the first option that we’ve got to talk about is Hampi, which is a stunning UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. 

Well, hang on a minute, what does this even mean when it comes to what you can and can’t do? Basically, the standard travel rules apply, and you have to respect the culture and the spirituality of the place, but functionally, you’re free to explore as normal. 

That’s definitely something you should do though. This entire area is the remains of Vijayanagara, which was, once upon a time, an immense empire in the world when it came to Buddhism. 

This makes the area one of the most important in India from a historical and cultural perspective. You have to realise that the ruins and borders here date back to the 14th century – it’s crazy to think about. 

Furthermore, you’ve got monuments and locations spread over a whopping 25km. There are forts and monuments, which are all important for deciphering the cultural history of the area, so it is worth checking out. 

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Periyar National Park

It may surprise you to know that India has a collection of wildlife sanctuaries dotted around, and you can visit them if you are in southern India.

One of these is Periyar National Park. This is a place which has a stable population of tigers, which are both wild and rare. There is also a large population of wild elephants, which is not a common site anymore.

The park is nestled in the middle of some majestic, beautiful mountains, and there are two main rivers that run through it, feeding both fauna and flora. Not only can you have the typical nature walks and game drives, but you can also engage in nighttime jungle walks, hikes across the border, and bamboo rafting.

What makes this a special place to visit is that it is one of the last locations in India where animals are free to roam naturally in their habitat. Obviously, conservation efforts all across the world have moved animals from their homes in an attempt to protect them, and this is one of the last locations in India where the animals are in their natural environment.


Mysore is a location found at the base of Chamundi Hills. This stunning and beautiful place is actually the second-largest city in the whole of Southern India. It gives you so many options and choices that it is impossible not to be in love with the exotic area and all of the unique joys and characteristics that it can offer. This part of Southern India has earned the nickname of “City of Palaces”. 

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If you are one of those people who are interested in the royalty of the world and the type of experiences that they leave behind, then this is for you. This place is regal and majestic despite being older, and there are monuments, impressive palaces, royal heritage sites, and a selection of other beautiful things to take a look at. 

The area is also historically noteworthy as being the place where Tipu Sultan both rose and fell. It makes it a beautiful location which was, in the past, home to the dynasty of the Wodeyars. 

Despite this, there’s more than a rich history to keep people interested in the location. You’ve also got the fantastic incense, sandalwood and silk production which is commonplace in the area. People often go here for their spiritual needs too, as the yoga world has a strong foothold here. This is one of the places where people go to practice yoga and become teachers themselves, at least in India. 

Final Thoughts

It is evident to anyone who is visiting the area of southern India that is a fantastic place to explore, which offers many benefits. There are a lot of beautiful and exotic things to appreciate in the area, which makes this a valuable and enjoyable place to explore. 

Functionally, you have to stop and take the time to explore all of the different benefits that are available in order to find what works for you. Because there are so many other choices and places that you can explore, it becomes relatively easy to experience a broad selection of options. At the end of the day, no one can tell you how to explore the area, more that you will be trying your best to do so. There are so many different options that you could explore all of the places on this list and only touch upon a handful of the benefits and joyous things that southern India has to offer. What’s important is that you do take the time to explore, though. 

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