Tory MP seeks to oust John Bercow as Commons Speaker

Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing another challenge to his position after a leading Conservative MP announced he is seeking support to table a motion of no-confidence.

Mr Bercow, who voted Remain in 2016 but has a duty of impartiality, has been accused by Brexiters of being biased in favour of Europhiles.

Crispin Blunt, a Eurosceptic Conservative MP, released a statement on Wednesday announcing that he intends to table an early day motion expressing no confidence in Mr Bercow early next week.

He said he needed at least 100 signatures from MPs to provide cover for colleagues and fend off any “retribution” sought by Mr Bercow if the motion failed. Previous attempts by MPs to remove Mr Bercow failed in both 2017 and 2015.

In a statement, Mr Blunt said the impartiality of the Speaker was an “indispensable condition” for the functioning of the House of Commons.

“Even his most partisan supporters for the positive changes he has delivered as Speaker do not now seriously dispute his bias in the conduct of our affairs,” he said.

“But it now goes way beyond the Brexit debate. The public should never underestimate how far reaching the implications of these powers are for our democracy.”

“The holder of this great office decides which MPs can speak in the House of Commons Chamber during debates and selects the amendments that MPs vote on, giving the Speaker the effective power to shape legislation.”

Mr Bercow’s office has not responded to the statement.


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