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Toyota prepares for Prius krossovernoe future –

Toyota готовит кроссоверное будущее для PriusAll-wheel drive system can increase the demand for short distance.

At the time of its appearance on the market Toyota Prius has become a revolutionary model and its hybrid layout was exceptional.

But since then, the automotive market has changed significantly, and the consumers give more preference to crossovers or purely electric cars.

Toyota is trying to solve this problem by adding all-wheel drive system to version 2019 model year – car will be installed an additional electric motor that will drive the rear wheels at speeds up to 70 km/h.

Toyota pinning very high hopes for this version, expecting that approximately 25% of model sales in the United States will have on all-wheel-drive Prius. It should also be in high demand in countries with cold climate.

But though the AWD system can increase the demand for short distance, the Toyota won’t deny that overall Prius sales continue to plummet. So, on the largest Prius for the U.S. market sales model for four years was halved (from 200 to 100 thousand units), so the company is considering solutions to the problem.

While Toyota does not believe that the model should be fully electric, or go exclusively to the internal combustion engine, since it eliminates the goal of a car to be available environmentally friendly car. However, the company does not exclude the possibility of turning the Prius into a crossover in connection with the trends of the market, or to add a crossover in the range of versions of the model.

Many experts believe that the Prius crossover will be a smart move, citing the example of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid that could soon become the best-selling hybrid company.

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